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SOCO Weekly Online Chess League
Hi Guys 

Announcing the Weekly Online Chess League organised by the Scottish Online Chess Organisation (SOCO)

Rules are as follows

1. Entry fee £10 per team of four. Monies raised will go to Chess Scotland funds
2. Games will be played on , two games to be played by each player, one white and one Black. Time control will be 20 minutes plus 5 second increments.  The distinct advantage of using the team challenge is that decides board order ( grading order), colours etc
3. Each team will be using the team challenge format on to make it easier for admin
4. SOCO's League Management System will be used to collate results and display League tables
5. According to our recent survey, the majority those who so far have returned their survey have indicated games should not be CS graded , so at the moment those wishes will be respected. However if both captains in a match wish their games graded, then we will send the games off for CS allegro graded.
6.  Games should start on the first Monday in June. However if both captains agree , then any match can be postponed until the Saturday of that week. The number of matches played  will be determined by the number of entries.

entries and further details to be sent to

Full coaching will be provided to the team captains as required.

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