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1st On-line Scottish Chess Tour Allegro
We are going to experiment running an online Allegro tournament on Sunday 26th April. It will be a 5 round event from 10:00 to 15:20.

As with many people, this format is new to us, so we are limiting it to Chess Scotland members and those who have played in previous Scottish Chess Tour events for whom we have details for.

It will be played on, we will use CS grading for pairing and tournament selection. Results will not be passed onto CS for grading.

Pairings will be done using Vega, just as we would at a Scottish Chess Tour event.

For more information, please see our website.

For more information or enquiries, please use the Contact Page on our website, or post questions here on the forum.

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable event and players will get an opportunity to play against others they have previously encountered at events around Scotland.
If you cannot get to the website from the above link try here.
I have entered but am wondering how you will know everyone's lichess username?

* username
(21-04-2020, 06:40 PM)hamish olson Wrote: I have entered but am wondering how you will know everyone's lichess username?

* username

Hi Hamish

Good to here you have entered.

Just send us a message from the contact page with your name and user ID.

It's in the wordy instructions on the website, but as there are several others who haven't told us, you are not alone.

If this works OK and we decide to run another event, we will see if we can get some software development done to request user ID on the entry page.

Thanks. David
I would also suggest you ask to join the "Scottish Chess Tour " club on Doing that with your details if you use a pseudonym would be helpful.
thanks guys, I must have missed the bit on the form.
(23-04-2020, 02:51 PM)hamish olson Wrote: thanks guys, I must have missed the bit on the form.

Hi Hamish

Things are not going to work smoothly, it already is a big learning curve for me and some things I have got wrong first time round. I am not too familiar with all this modern IT stuff either.

This is experimental, if its successful and people want to play some more on-line chess competitions, we might run some more.

All those who have entered should (if it worked) have received an email this afternoon.

no worries, looking forward to it Smile
Please bookmark this page for all the pairings results etc. Note we have decided on 3 sections and the handles of your opponents are there so ou can find each other to play your game.
Great idea guys, unfortunately if I attempted to play in this my better half would either kill me or I'd have the kids climbing all over me as I was trying to calculate (difficult for me at the best of times these days) and blunder.

Is there any way to watch the games?
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