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Scotland v Switzerland 1970
Can anyone help me reconstruct the full details of the telephone match (juniors) between Scotland and Switzerland, played on October 11, 1970?
The Scottish team was comprised of 9 boys (one of whom was David Itcovitz, current Scottish Boys' champions), and one girl (Mary McGinn). The team was based in the conference room of James Robertson & Sons, Ltd., the preserve manufacturers, in Paisley.
Reports in the Glasgow Herald of October 10 & 12 do not give full team lists, although the October 12 issue does give a nice photo of Mary McGinn.
The score at the end of the match was 6½-1½ to Switzerland, with two games undecided. The BCM of 1970, pp 335-6 gives the final score as 8-2, again with no players' names.
The Scottish Chess Bulletin of September 1970 announced the match, but the next issue was September 1971, which did not record the details. I don't have 'CHESS' for the appropriate period.
Iain Sinclair, who has absolutely no memory of playing in this match, has confirmed that his scorebook records the fact that he did play (!), drawing with Peter Hammer.
Can any of the team members' help? Does anyone have a local Paisley newspaper report?
Alan McGowan
Historian, Chess Scotland
I played in this match, and lost to Werner Hug (who had White) on board one Sad I don't have the game score.

Iain Sinclair was definitely playing as you say, not sure who else was, possibly David Findlay ?

Roddy McKay.
Thanks Roddy. Every little bit of information help.

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