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It s  probable that there is a bye in Div 5 as there is an odd number of teams.

I've got an idea!!

If you would like to play but don't have a team, come along and we will make up a team of Oddbods (ability to choose on name is acceptable) This team will not be charged and will vary from month to month depending on who turns up. It will not follow the club rules etc and at end of year it cannot be promoted. Ie it can be a mixture of lubs and the individuals will not be banned from playing for their own club teams in a later round. All games will be graded.

Come along and try SNCL, 

Help me out. I want all teams there tomorrow so sorry if you are sitting out in the morning. Be there cos if the above works you will have a game which will count towards promotion

So proud we hit 40, thanks Guys.

Sorry only just saw this message - too late for today but may be game next time.
You will be welcome Mike.

Thanks to the people who made the scratch teams on Sunday, hope you enjoyed the experience.


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