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Dundee Congress
I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that the response has been so unexpectedly good that I have now done something I never expected to have to do (the bad news for any latecomer) - closed the congress to new entries (but as there is an odd number in both Major and Minor we would take one more in each).

We are at 134: the room given to the Open is full and the other area for Major and Minor is at a level where I would worry about becoming cramped. We will know better for next year if the large area could take more but caution rules for this year.

The Major now has even numbers - one place left in the Minor
Stop press - we have been able to set up tables sooner than expected and get a better picture of available room. We could now take another 12 entries between Major and Minor. The Open is full though.  Text/phone Jean on 07944 221925  or email me at


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