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Inverness Congress
The congress starts on Friday and, as always, entries are limited.

Any entries received after 50 will be notified as to whether it's been accepted or not.

If you know of any non members that expressed an interest in playing perhaps you could pass this along.
As it stands, there are 51 entries which leaves possibly 3 places left. Assuming no withdrawals.

If you want to enter sooner would be better, and if you could see your way to being 1 in each section that would be good too.
Just a reminder regarding the FIDE Blitz on Saturday evening.

Anyone can enter, not just those who are playing in the main tournaments.

It's an 8pm start and it will be fast and fun!!!
Congress starts tomorrow evening, thanks to all those who have entered. Only the Premier has an odd number tomorrow evening, assuming we have been told about the byes correctly, so only one travelling who will receive a bye, unfortunately, unless there is a (very) late entry.
After that all sections are odd numbered so we may switch one player to even 2 sections, or not, we shall see how we feel.

The player lists, draws and tables, once we have started, can be found here.  

This year we shall hopefully have some live boards dependent on Wi-Fi capabilities and cabling possibilities and the link shall appear here shortly.

Have a safe journey to Inverness whenever you are coming and see you tomorrow or Saturday. Smile
All Round 1 pairings now available, if you can find a minute at halftime.
2nd round underway with the top 4 boards in the Premier live here.
All round 3 draws are available. Live boards will hopefully be back after a good testing with a lump hammer.
All round 4 draws available. just in case some of you look here and haven't heard the Premier and Major will start at 9:30 tomorrow.
All 4 live boards appear to be working this morning, apparently it's weak electricity up here says my expert.
Round 5 underway and the live boards are still working, I think.

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