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Lothians Allegro 2012 - Saturday 7th January
Been there, done that, lost the T-shirt.

Played far too many of these youngsters. Would rather play higher graded adults. Against whom I feel I have better results, even if this is not true. At least I do not feel inhibited playing adults, they probably have the same, or similar, problems that I have. That is, poor recall,
Due to the higher than expected numbers I have now decided to introduce a grading prize of £20 into the Major.

123 entries and counting... Big Grin
If this keeps going we are going to have to use the swimming pool Big Grin
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Fun idea Andy. Can you imagine the boards and pieces at the bottom of the pool and the players having to go under to see the position and make their moves. First player to checkmate the other without drowning wins.
Prize Winners and Grading Info can be found here:

Prize Winners / Grading Info

Thanks to Dick for compiling these all so quickly.

Hope you all had fun, win or lose. Big Grin
I felt a bit like the tortoise who was mugged by three snails. The tortoise couldn't give the police a description of his attackers as it all happened so fast.

A really great day out, many thanks to all the organisers, arbiters and helper ooters of all descriptions. A great turnout of enthusiastic and supportive players which I hope is a great guide to the year ahead.

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"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Many thanks to Andrew McHarg for organising a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday. Thanks also to everyone who assisted as part of his team.

I'd also like to thank Andy Howie for running the Minor section efficently, as always. Although there's not much time between rounds in allegro events and much to do, Andy had everything under control.

Thanks to my five opponents for some thoroughly entertaining games.

Finally, well done to all the newcomers in the Minor section. I hope you all enjoyed yourself and hopefully I'll see you all again at Perth for the weekend congress at the end of the month and maybe get a chance to play one or two of you.
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thoroughly enjoyable tournament, apart from defaulting R4 when my phone went off (yes, it was me). apologies to anyone who was distracted by it.
i've always found it amusing when players' phones go off, this time everyone got a laugh at me.
i did turn my phone off before going into the playing hall, but it's a new phone (christmas pressie) and i've yet to discover how it behaves. funny thing was, i had sent a text to my sister during the break to make arrangements to drop of a birthday card for my nephew. i had told her that my phone was gonna be off but that i would get her reply on the next break. I'm guessing that i somehow managed to lean on the power button while it was in my pocket, and her text reply alert was the audible noise.
won't happen again though, the battery is coming out in future!

Andrew, how did your little sis finish up? not too disheartened i hope. don't be teaching her too much though, won't be long before i have to face her if that's the case :\
lol It's why I leave my phone in the car Graham. I figure if I have it off I won't use it anyway, so why have the added thought in the back of my mind of it going off. :U

My sister lost all of her games, which wasn't a great surprise. She is still learning the concept of material imbalance being the most likely thing to win/lose a game, and frequently throws away her whole army for a pawn in return. I've been teaching her maths since February and we've done a bit of alebra in preparation for her going to high scool. Recently we have been using pawn = 1, queen = 9 etc in equations so that she can grasp the idea of one piece being significantly more valuable than another. So like: find x when x = pawn + rook + queen. lol :U

She isn't disheartened though, she is playing in the CFK later this month. I think she will find it more at her level. Usually the better juniors enter the adult Minor events. Big Grin

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