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Chess in Schools
I would like to see Chess Scotland making some sort of commitment to chess in schools this year. I have been running a chess club in my own school for over five years now and it is the best attended after school club in the school, believe it or not Smile

My personal experience is that setting up a chess club in a school is very straight forward and does not cost a great deal. Chess Scotland used to provide materials to support people in setting up school chess clubs – these materials were accessed through the CS website. However, this material has not been available for a few years now which is very disappointing. I would like to see this material being available again.

I have been told that that Chess Scotland has developed a training course for running a chess club in schools which was delivered to schools/teachers in the past. This was discussed at a recent Council meeting. It would be great if this could be rolled out again as I am sure there are many schools/teachers out there who would welcome it.

I believe that if more Primary and Secondary schools ran school chess clubs this could result in more young people joining adult chess clubs after leaving school as their interest in chess has been sparked. Many of our own chess club members come from one of our feeder Primary schools which currently runs a chess club.

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