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SNCL tomorrow

Remember clocks go forward tonight. Dont be late.

AGM at 3pm

Make sure you bring the trophies with you

Lightning tournament is after AGM

See you there


can I just say yet another highly successful tournament this year well done to you and your team. We'll be back next year Smile
On behalf of my team thank you.

It really is a pleasure organising this tournament but I couldn't do it without my arbiters -- they're wonderful and always make the tournament glide like a swan - but you should see them paddling like blazes under the water!!!

The dates are settled for next season Oct, Nov,, Feb, March Last Sundays in the months. Same venue!!

Have a lovely summer

See you in the Autumn, God willing!

I see that due to the increased number of teams in the SNCL as from next year its going to be twice monthly with an option to increase the number of players per team to 7 with an option for a board 8 for a junior if both teams accept it. I think we would be extremely foolish to adopt it especially in the current times ( and dates) we live in. Comments please....

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