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Latest FIDE announcement
FIDE may 'require' a personal email address, but our view is that our federation is a member of FIDE and the players are not. FIDE should address the NZCF Council or NZL delegate/secretary. If players sign themselves up for the Online Arena, then that's their business. Otherwise, NZCF handles the spam!
Suspect you're correct George in your analysis of FIDE's words and FIDE's real intentions. But I do like Helen's NZ solution. It is hard to see FIDE chasing people who claim not to have an e mail but actually do have one.

Not really my specialist subject but isn't "storm in a tea cup" an idiom rather than an oxymoron?
While "most unique" is rather harder to classify I suggest that it is hyperbole.
Idiom or oxymoron? Depends on which dictionary is used, I suppose.

“Most unique”, I’m afraid, reflects a hangover from my Latin studies whereby “unique” cannot be modified.

Anyway, it’s all small beer, don’t you think?
'Storm in a teacup' isn't an oxymoron by any definition I know of (it's an idiom, as Phil says), but it's an open secret that 'small beer' almost certainly is one in certain Scottish chess circles Wink
Depends who's buying, eh?
Well done Andy, for sneaking "open secret" right past George's scrutiny!

I'm glad somebody noticed, Jim! Wink
George refers to the new regulation that was hastily added after practically every federation emailed the FIDE offices in disgust
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
andyburnett Wrote:I'm glad somebody noticed, Jim! Wink

I missed "open secret" too Andy.

Perhaps because its such a logical oxymoron
You guys are seriously funny =))

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