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GM Lars Schandorff lecture in Edinburgh 30th October – 2nd N
From ECF forum:

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In case anyone is interested.

GM Lars Schandorff lecture in Edinburgh 30th October – 2nd November

Quality Chess author and National Coach of the Danish elite GM Lars Schandorff is coming to Edinburgh to give a 15 hour lecture on aggressive positional chess, with a starting point in the games of Bobby Fischer.

The lectures will take place in Edinburgh Chess Club on 1 Alva Street in the heart of Edinburgh. Attendance costs £80 for the full session and £50 for those aged 24 or less. Also those travelling from outside Scotland will get this discount.

The timings are:
Thursday 30th October 18.30-22.00
Friday 31st October 18.30-22.00
Saturday 1st November 14.30-18.30
Sunday 2nd November 12.30-16.30
Registration is through GM Jacob Aagaard at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Justin Tan, the Australian junior, currently at school in England would like to attend this lecture. Neither his school or parents are keen on him staying at a hotel on his own.

Is there anyone in the Edinburgh area, preferably a family, willing to put him up from 29th for 4 nights?

If so please PM me. His parents are willing to contribute something towards his stay.

what cost to go to 1 session? Would this make sense or do session build on previous?
Thanks to Lars Schandorff, and to Jacob and the Quality Chess team, for these excellent sessions, which I (and everyone else as far as I could tell) found very enjoyable and instructive.

Lars has a friendly and engaging presentation style, with lots of two-way interaction with his audience (both in the sessions, and during the coffee break chats) which quickly won over his audience.

Lars did a great job of illuminating Fischer’s style, strengths and opening tastes via great games and a few exercises. He also gave excellent insights into what made Fischer so great as a player and how his brand of ‘aggressive positional chess’ differed from the likes of Capablanca, Botvinnik, Karpov, Kasparov and Carlsen. Lars also led the group in some workshops where we jointly developed a system against the English opening based on a Fischer favourite.

A terrific four days. Here’s hoping for more training sessions in Scotland such as these!
did any of the Olympiad squad go ? they mentioned training needs as a way to improve results
amuir Wrote:did any of the Olympiad squad go ? they mentioned training needs as a way to improve results

Alan Tate and Andrew Greet attended.

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