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Scotland Street School Museum Chess Exhibition
Glasgow's iconic, Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed Scotland Street Primary School, now one of Glasgow's premier museums, has given Chess Scotland the go-ahead to platform a celebration of the Commonwealth Chess Championships, held early in July.

Centre stage will be a "master class" for 4-6 (different) youngsters each day (ideally primary school age and with at least one girl), on August 30/31, against a background of celebratory text and photos from the Commonwealth Championships on the theme "How the Commonwealth gave us the modern game". Chess, of course, originated in India, in the form of the ancient Indian game, Chaturanga. As we know, the Indian contingent took virtually all of the main prizes in Glasgow .... a historical wheel turned full circle.

The "master-class" will take place in the game-playing area of the Museum's current (excellent), long-running "Games" exhibition. The history of chess and various chess-related exhibits already feature prominently within that exhibition. The chess-players will enjoy a 'properly' instructive hour or two and have a chance to be shown round the museum (very well worth doing). We'll also have the opportunity to play and talk informally to members of the visiting public ... the overall emphasis will be to have fun all round.

I'll keep the noticeboard informed as further details are settled. Calum McQueen (IJD) is co-ordinating names / numbers of participating youngsters. I am dealing directly with the museum, and will lead the master-class, with help from Alex MacFarlane and Hamish Glen (and possibly others). Alex plans to base a 'travelling' exhibition to take around Scottish congresses on the celebratory text / photos used at the exhibition. This idea was an important element in CS's successful bid for £10K lottery funding for the Commonwealth Championships.

Put the dates in your diary, and if you can, do come along. You will enjoy it! Watch this space!
Went to this museum for the first time on the 9th Aug and it really is a great place to take kids to visit. At the time they had a giantish chess set in the entrance hall.
As a tip, you can park in the Shields Rd P&R carpark across the road from the Museum for free if you ask at the front desk for a voucher which you then hand over at the underground and they'll issue you a ticket to exit the car park.
sounds fantastic!
Just to say that following a meeting at the museum yesterday, the make-up of the backdrop, wall exhibit has been decided and I shall be going to help get it all in place on 29 August ... it will be on view on the Saturday and Sunday, 30/31 August; the junior 'master-class' will take place on the afternoon on both of these days and will include 'meet and play the visiting public' opportunities.

The museum expects to publicise the event early next week on its Facebook page. There is indeed a giant-ish chess board on display in the entrance and car-parking is free. If you can come along to enjoy the chess display (as well as simply to visit an excellent museum), don't miss it!

The backdrop, wall exhibit includes brief pieces on:
1. "How the 'old' Commonwealth gave chess to the world" ... from Chaturanga to Anand
2. "Chess in Scotland" ... from the Lewis Chess Men to the present
3. "The 2014 Commonwealth Chess Championships"
4. A selection of large-size photos from the Glasgow event, with brief explanatory text ... to give a flavour of our very own "friendly" Chess Games.

Were are the photos coming from?
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
See link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ool+Museum</a><!-- m -->

I note that there's even a "Horrible Heidie (headmaster) Tour",31 August, at 1pm, at the museum that anyone who comes along that day (including participants in the 'master-class') can take part in.

Do come along! Will all be great fun!

And great PR for chess ... thanks Andy - photos great! Thanks to many other, too ... full list to follow in due course.
Just to add that visiting chess youngsters with / without parents should not be put off by the use of the term 'master class'.

The event will be run completely openly and informally. It might perhaps best be regarded as an open chess surgery for young chess players with an IM (and others on hand) who will be happy to discuss Qs of any sort from anyone and play against them.

The more the merrier ... a training opportunity aimed especially at the younger player ... in an outstanding setting!

Treat it as a chance to have a good family day out, visiting a great museum with a participative chess opportunity. The museum bills the time of the 'master class' as 2-4pm on both days. But note that the museum closes an hour later and we'll be setting up the chessboards, say from about 1.30pm.

If you have friends with chess-interested youngsters (any age / strength), do tell them about it. When the museum stages this sort of thing (and this one's free), its main aim is fun and maximum inter-activity.
The chess 'master-class' + 2014 Commonwealth Chess Championship Celebrate exhibition went off well. It was particularly busy on the Saturday afternoon, when in addition to many invited youngsters turning up to chat, play, learn a few tricks on the board, there were also quite a few interested members of the public.

Thanks go to the children and the many adults who helped in various ways both on the weekend and before it. Calum Macqueen's dad, Andrew, was an especial stalwart on both days (and before). Hamish Glen, David Congalton, Walter Buchanan, Dick Heathwood, Peter Jamieson, Gerald Bonner, Chris Perkin all lent a valuable hand pushing wood at times on the eight available chessboards ... apologies if I've omitted anyone ... many thanks also to the various parents, helpers (and others who got in touch with them)!

Alex MacFarlane now has the exhibits that hung on the wall (text + photos) and will be exhibiting them at forthcoming congresses. The museum were pleased that we attracted such activity! All of this meets one of the major requirements of the Celebrate Lottery Grant of £10K awarded to CS as part of its commitment to run the 2014 Commonwealth Chess Championships in Glasgow and celebrate the event widely.

A big tick for credibility and the ability to deliver against plan by CS ... to an important charitable giver.

Well done to all ... and a real team effort!
Smashing effort, well done!
Sounds like a good event - Would have went but it clashed with Viking congress.

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