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Club Membership Options & Info
I am looking for clarification of SCA Club Membership options (or affiliation its maybe called?). I can't find anything on our website, but maybe not looking in the right places?

What are the different levels and associated costs of Club Membership? And what benefits does each option have.

In particular I was interested in the grading aspect of taking out a Club Membership. i.e. how many internal club games would a club be allowed to grade during the season? And how would that compare with the cost of grading games on an individual game by game basis without having membership?
Well, in the first place , clubs can affiliate to Chess Scotland (CS) as SCA no longer exists.

Select 'Main Menu' from the options available under 'Browse the site' and then select 'CS Info'. At the very bottom of the page you will find a pdf called Fees. I believe all internal games are graded at no charge, but the cost/benefit analysis is up to you.

Affiliated clubs get a vote at the AGM.
Apologies re SCA, I know its CS but sometimes accidently call it SCA without realising as was out of chess for 20+ yrs.

Andy: thanks, most helpful.

quick link to the fees doc, for anyone interested:

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