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World Seniors in Lithuania starts today
All the best to the Scotland team playing in this event - Dave Findlay, Alastair White, Alastair Dawson and Stephen Hilton. Tough match to start against 'Russia Women' who outgrade our boys by about 200 points per board, but I'm sure they'll put up a good fight!

Links to Live games and results below

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Well done to the two Alastairs in securing draws yesterday against much higher rated opponents. Today they play Lithuania 3, the bottom rated team, so should have good chances. Pity there are not more "live boards".
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Good luck to all in Lithuania from me, too!
Does that extend to me Craig?! New Zealand is here, en route to the Olympiad - our team comprises the two team captains, an arbiter, and a member of the women's team. We were also fortunate that round 1 was delayed as our bd 3 had to change travel plans at the last minute due to a dental emergency, and arrived after the scheduled start. There is a rumour that we've won a prize already - not sure if it's for furthest team or best Asian or what, but basically if there is a prize going for 'not European' then we're the only team that can win it!
Does, indeed, Helen! Although I guess I may have split loyalties in the event of a Scotland-NZ clash, at least on the Scotland v Scotto-NZ board. Enjoy the tournament!

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