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Streetfighting Chess monthly online magazine!
Hi all!

Issue #2 of StreetFighting Chess monthly online magazine is NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY! Only £1-50, with online, pgn and pdf versions included!

Please visit

Kind regards,
Andy Burnett
How do you get access to the mag once you've paid by PayPal!?
IMarks Wrote:How do you get access to the mag once you've paid by PayPal!?

A password has been e-mailed to you Ian!
Cheers, Andy!
Haven't had time for a proper look but seems to be a really good effort from Andy. If anything a lot to get through in a month for some.

A few tips that might help the non techy folk:
You can still sample the first issue from the website for free. Its easily missed as its listed down the bottom and not showing normal blue hyperlink -but click and it will open with options.

For ipad/iPhone users a really useful tip is download pgn - you then have a choice of opening in different apps - my favourite is still the FREEE chessviewer - you can search by player Smile , but what's handy is it will also show the commentary :-bd . The engine apps such as Hiarcs will open and you can use the engine to score moves Sad but no commentary Sad
Slight problem with the website at the moment folks. Our resident web expert is on the case and hopefully it will be resolved quickly Smile

Issue resolved folks Smile

-Peter Constantinou in Mallorca

-Weekend Warriors! Glenrothes/Edinburgh and Ayr Congress reports

-Re-Inventing the Wheel: New ideas against the Nimzowitsch-Larsen 1.b3

-Blue-Belt Chess: Improvement article for 1000-1500 graded players

-CS Cup Finals Day! Games, analysis and pics from the big day in Grangemouth

-Virtual Chess: George Pyrich on correspondence play with chess engines

-Hamish Olson on a high in Hyeres, France

-The SFC interview: Andrew Green on coaching juniors

-Red-Belt Chess: Improvement article for 1500-1800 graded players

-Inspiration! Our man in the USA on life-changing moments in chess

-Endgame Corner: Peter Bennett on Bishops!

-Black-Belt Chess: Improvement article for 1800-2200 graded players
Uptake of the magazine has been quite slow so far, so I'll just remind you that the April issue is still available for free at

if you want to 'try before you buy'!

Andy Burnett
Only just noticed this thread the other day (too busy at work!) and I have to say that I think this new Streetfighting Chess Magazine is a brilliant idea. There is nothing else around for club players and we could all do with some stronger player's annotations on our games instead of the usual dry 'Fritz' opinion!! The effort that Andy has put into this and the quality/honesty of the annotations far outweigh the very modest £1.50 per month. Personally, I like the Annotated .PGN version (there is also an online version and a PDF all included in the price!) as it lets me be lazy and play though them on screen. I have just bought this issue and can report back it has 33 annotated games from recent Scottish tournaments showcasing a wide range of players from 1500's to 2200's. Highly recommended - it would be great to see this Magazine grow and continue but it's likely to need a big increase in readers to be worth the effort which is being put in! Give it a try and see for yourself :ymapplause:
Not a huge amount of interest so far, so the magazine's future is quite uncertain :-s

However, Ian Marks has written a short review (always appreciated!) - for those of you who didn't spot it on the front page it can be accessed below - Streetfighting Chess Monthly is 3rd review down!

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