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Glorney Events Appeal
I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the SJCA Educational Trust appeal (arranged in partnership with Chess Scotland) to raise funds to finance (at least) the full travel and accommodation costs of the twenty Scottish juniors involved in this year's Glorney International events (some 20 players in four separate team tournaments). This year's events will be hosted by Scotland (early August, Stirling).

All the necessary information is at the box at the head of the CS homepage, including the essential link to the relevant BTMyDonate donation page: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

The donation page is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. The advantage of raising funds through a fully registered and regulated charity, such as the SJCA Educational Trust, is that donors can, if they wish, GiftAid their donations, as long as they are current UK taxpayers. This adds 25 pence wholly from the public purse to every £1 donated.

The trust itself is donating £1,000 quite separately. Since the trust's inception in 1969, it has always supported this important international event, now much expanded, expressly when Scotland is the host nation.

Donations can be made in complete anonymity or in name, with a message, if wished. Small amounts are welcome and indeed add up quickly if there are lots of them!

This is a very worthy cause (read the blurb at the BTMyDonate page). Do tell friends who don't access the noticeboard about it.
Many thanks to all those who have generously donated to the appeal so far.

As Craig said "Small amounts are welcome and indeed add up quickly if there are lots of them!"

If you're on facebook please like the page (if you like it) and share with your facebook friends, whether they play chess or not.

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The donation in memory of Ian Mullen who played for the Glorney Team in the sixties caught my attention in particular. Ian is featured in the Glorney Cup historical article compiled by Alan McGowan.

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The support in Ian's memory, along with the other generous donations is hugely appreciated and will hopefully contribute to all of our best, available young players being able to take part in the event this year and adding to the historic achievements of Scottish participants in the event.

The Glorney International takes place at Stirling University, from Sunday 3rd of August until Thursday 7th of August, with play taking place from the 4th to the 6th.
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See the very bottom of this reference to one of Scotland's cultural icons ... the memory of having had the privilege of representing Scotland in the Glorney Cup lives long!

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