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Yellow and Red cards
To improve standards of etiquette on the noticeboard I would like to propose a card system.
It will be similar to football. A statement which is deemed to be offensive gets a yellow card.
If it is very offensive it gets a red card. Two yellows equals a red. A red card gets a one month ban from the noticeboard

It is not enough for the moderator just to delete a post if a "journalistic error" has occurred. This was much more than an error. A card should be issued in this and other cases. Apologies should given by all parties connected with these posts.

I can expand on examples of yellow and red card statements if required.
Just checking that we're well past april 1st! This is more of a red neck idea than a red card Smile)
I deleted the post you're referring to when requested to by the poster (who accepted that they'd made an error and apologised for it, which is a refreshing novelty for this noticeboard). Nobody else has made any complaint to me or to Andy H (as far as I know; it's possible someone spoke to him but not to me). If you've got a problem, raise it through those channels.

We've discussed ways to keep the noticeboard under control in the past, including card systems and baseball style 'strike' systems, and there are certainly points in their favour, but basically I think we should all be able to behave ourselves. Both Andy Howie and I have jobs and can't be on this noticeboard keeping track of everything all the time. We're all adults, or at least should be (apologies if there are any juniors who post on this forum, who are probably considerably more polite in any case). Setting up a regular disciplinary system creates the presumption that it will be used on some sort of regular basis, and I'd rather avoid that.

At least, that's my stance. I'd be interested to know what other people think. (And if anyone else wants to volunteer to join the moderation team, their application would be viewed with interest.)
I agree with Hugh. If some people would just behave like responsible adults and stop all the mindless bickering then the forum wouldn't even need moderators, never mind a "card system".
If a nice apology is given to me about this and other posts, I shall drop the matter and move on.
Who should be giving you an apology and why? Surely if any posts were inappropriate they would have been removed?
I would rather this was cleared up between the parties and me privately without using the noticeboard. People know my contact details.
Hugh Brechin Wrote:....., but basically I think we should all be able to behave ourselves..... I'd be interested to know what other people think....

....We should all be able to behave ourselves.
There is plenty of evidence on this notice board which proves a minority can't behave themselves.

....Get rid of this notice board. It's a shame, but on balance I believe it causes more trouble than the good it does.
I rather suspect Andy Muir is referring to me here?

I'll make a public deal with you Andy. :-o and I'm being perfectly serious...

If you apologise for all your 'rotten' behaviour and statements over the last few years, and promise to resign from this noticeboard and all CS activities, then I will apologise for all my 'rotten' statements and will resign from this noticeboard and all CS activities? Then the vast majority can live comfortably and safely in their little shells. Deal? :-?

P.S. A red/yellow card system wouldn't work - I'm colour blind Wink
Yellow & Red cards are for football as Andy said. Our sport is chess however, so surely it would have to be Black & White cards?

The idea is a bit of a non-starter anyhow. Many of us have made a post after a long hard day at work, in a moment of frustration, or with the distraction of kids running around us (in my case), or after a few glasses of sauvignon blanc (erm again in my case).

But many of us have recently made an apology, or retracted some comments after a bit of reflection (myself included here). There is nothing wrong with making a mistake and its all normal stuff on a notice board. You get a few that are stubborn and stick to a point no matter how ridiculous it may be perceived by the majority. Again thats normal, and it would be their perogative, but also their reputation in the chess world on the line.

We can live with that, the rare moments of personal nature and feuds is another issue and is where perhaps moderation is needed.

KEVIN: Sorry to have to do respectfully disagree with you once more. I understand why there is the suggestion to remove the notice board, and am sure many would agree. It would hamper the overall chess contact/discussion in Scotland and impact the majority negatively. We are too far behind the rest of the chess world and similarly sized smaller nations to be handicapping ourselves further than we already are.

The recent Richardson thread seems to have been blown out of proportion in my opinion. Aspects of it are open to ones own interpretation. It could be deemed childish, theatrical, unsavoury, spicy, gamesmanship, I can see all that. But for me it is essentialy just a debate about a couple of points and a bit of pre-match build up and excitment. I can't see the problem with the thread or the need for moderation in it.

I personaly like transparency in an organisation, however it comes about, and it is good as a member to know what is going on with the Tromso debacle, or the Richardson Final dispute and other current issues. Edward Snowden forms of information sharing seems to be the modern way these days!

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