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Livingston Allegro
Entry form for this event is now available via the CS calendar.
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Just under 3 weeks to go until this new allegro event in a new hotel venue. Entry details can be found via the calendar on the CS website.
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The Livingston Allegro takes place on Saturday, May 17th at the Mercure Hotel in Livingston. A list of entrants is now available here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... legro.html</a><!-- m -->

Numbers are a little low at the moment and I may have to consider merging the Challengers with the Major and the Knights with the Rooks but hopefully numbers will increase during the week. I will be able to accept entries by e-mail until around 5pm on Friday and by telephone until 10pm Thursday night. Anyone turning up on the day will be accepted but may have to accept a first round 1/2 point bye, although I will try to avoid this if possible.

The venue is centrally placed in Livingston and is easily accessible by rail, bus and car. The Almondvale shopping centre is very close by.

The playing area is as would be expected from a quality hotel conference facility, with air conditioning and comfortable playing conditions. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ities.html</a><!-- m -->

As for the chess itself, there will be prize money and the events will count for allegro grading, which in turn qualifies them for Chess Scotland Grand Prix points.

Information on the event can be found on the entry form which is available via the Chess Scotland calendar or on the Livingston Allegro page of the chess congress website.

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i'm currently trying to juggle other commitments so that i can play...
Venue is excellent, never played chess there before, but been to a few weddings.

Easy to find (even for Livi), just off the main dual-carriageway (A899), and immediately next to the shopping centre.
I would have thought it would make an excellent catchment area, surprised that the entry is so low...
Could be the clash with the English & Scottish FA Cup Finals on the 17th? Also there was a couple of extra Allegro's recently due to the cancellation of Glasgow Congress.

Anyway, I'm there and looking forward to it.
Most entries for events come in with only days to go I think. So there's still time yet for this to pack up - and I hope it does. I entered today. Big Grin
My entry is in too...
I can pick a few up from the station if need be..
Numbers for Saturday have picked up. Thanks to all who have entered so far.

I can't guarantee a minimum prize fund for this event at the moment.

However, as this is the first Livingston Allegro and you have to start somewhere, I am thinking that the total entry fees for each individual section will be returned as prize money in that section, with a tweak or two.

So just now I have 9 entries in the Open, including two titled players for others to have a shot at. The total entry fees from the Open are £90 just now, so I would probably have a first prize of £55 and a second of £35.

At the moment Challengers and Major have 5 and 7 entries respectively, with a junior in each, so I think even it up at £50 total for each section and split £30 for 1st and £20 for 2nd. Same or similar prize fund for Rooks and Knights sections, as it stands.

The more entries the bigger the prize fund per section. .
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A thoroughly enjoyable event, even if it was a little short on entries.
I sincerely hope David and his team, who all did a great job today, bring this tournament back to my doorstep next year again, but perhaps on a different day from the cup final.

I scored 2½/5, my 2 losses hard fought, and my draw was against eventual winner Bill Clinton. Small satisfaction that i was the only one to take anything from him...
Agree with the above. Great event from a great team! Big Grin

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