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Congrats to Poly on winning Glasgow league Division One, in their final match
they had one GM ,two IM's and a FM. Is this the strongest team ever to play
a league match?
I think Dundee might have had 2 GM's playing for them in TAFCA at some point? Perhaps it was when Paul Motwani and Colin McNab were both IM's though? Poly is definitely a contender!
In the final game last year of Division 1, Glasgow League, Hamilton needed to make sure of a win.
They turned up at East Kilbride with Peter Jamieson FM playing on board 5!
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
In this year's Richardson match between Hamilton and Edinburgh West there were six ex-Scottish Champions playing: Mannion, Muir and Jamieson for Hamilton and Arakhamia-Grant, Pritchett and Jonathan Grant for Ed West.

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