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Commonwealth entries
Not a complete list but here are some entrants

Surname Forename Title Country Rating
Gupta Abhijeet GM IND 2619
Lalith Babu, MR GM IND 2571
Hebden Mark GM ENG 2550
Sengupta Deep GM IND 2536
Das Arghyadip IM IND 2466
Barua Dibyendu GM IND 2452
Sachdev Tania IM/WGM IND 2422
Tan Justin FM AUS 2370
Akshat Khamparia IM IND 2367
Muir Andrew IM SCO 2326
Kett Tim WLS 2271
Kulkarni Bhakti WGM IND 2258
Grant Jonathan SCO 2257
Sreeves Clement SCO 2243
MacQueen Calum SCO 2226
Dhar-Barua Saheli WIM IND 2122
Henderson David ENG 2102
Brown Steven SCO 2069
Bullen Alex WLS 2062
Kaulule Kela Siame ZAM 2045
Jamieson Ian SCO 1982
Doyle James SCO 1981
Burnett Walter SCO 1979
Marks Ian SCO 1978
Hilton Stephen SCO 1915
Jelfs Alan SCO 1909
MacDonald Paul H SCO 1901
Ashwini Udhayasriyan IND 1886
Staniforth Matthew WLS 1886
Batchelor Guy ENG 1880
Whatley Stephen GIB 1868
Schmerwitz Reinhard GER 1848
Freeland Alex WLS 1800
Milton Carl SCO 1722
Zamvar Vipin SCO 1641
Smith Callum SCO 868*
Leckie Robert SCO 1182*
Fraser Roland SCO 1344*
Hope Iain SCO 1366*
Please note that Mark Hebden is not playing. I was wrongly informed that he was the ECF nomination.
Beginning to look a very interesting field!

Alex, can you now publicly confirm that you definitely WILL accept non-Commonwealth players (who will compete hors concours for the Commonwealth titles)? ... I note that you have listed a GERMAN entrant (a regular Championship contender).

If at all possible, it would be helpful to clarify this in the entry form for other possible non-Commonwealth entrants (there were several last year).
Non Commonwealth players are welcome to enter but cannot be offered conditions.

We have also been successful in getting a lottery Celebate grant for £10,000 as appears on its website.

I have had confirmation of other entries from some Commonwealth countries but await names.
Congratulations to those involved in securing the £10k lottery grant, thats excellent!
I have a theory (referencing discussion somewhat earlier in the thread) as to why PayPal needs to accept 'Countries' that are little more than volcanic outcrops.

There is very little need to raise taxation for the upkeep of such places, the lifestyles of the indigenous fauna being modest. It follows that many profitable companies and wealthy individuals find it convenient to be registered there. These worthy entities need someone to handle their substantial income and occasional expenditure and PayPal are only too happy to oblige - for a small commission, of course.
Just confirming but if anyone has entered and they do not appear on the list should they be concerned that their entry has been lost or assume it will be added later?

I'd also like to say well done for securing 10k grant Smile
I'll let you know when to panic Big Grin

Not yet.
Looks like a good strong field so far - reminds me of the old British Championships, only without the English. Eagerly anticipating some more strong entries!
Looking like a Beano for the Indian contingent.

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