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Commonwealth entries
I have 2 observations about the website for the Commonwealth.

There is no daily schedule of events.
Is that because it is not yet clarified?
It might be helpful to include this once it is available.

My browser displays a number of fields badly.
2 immediate examples are
The countdown field doesn't display properly.
On the entry page, the City field is compressed to about 2 bytes.
Apologies if this is due to a badly out of date browser.

Hopefully whoever is mainting the pages can sort these things out.
The site is, after all, the first point of contact for most people who will be entering.

Works fine on my browser (IE11 + Windows 8).

What browser/version are you using?
Schedule, entry list, prize list, regulations, note about Scottish Championship - all would be useful additions to the site.
Don't laugh - I'm using ie7 on XP(!) (it's at work and locked down, and it's a huge modern company, and I work in technical IT. Don't even ask.) I'll check it out from home.
Alan Tate Wrote:Schedule, entry list, prize list, regulations, note about Scottish Championship - all would be useful additions to the site.

There is an entry list, but it's not updated.
Alan points out other useful additions. They are more than useful, they are necessary.

Unless we want to represent Scotland as a parochial backwater (ah, gotcha. No real debate necessary there) this site needs some serious udpating. There was a lot of trumpet blowing about Scotland hosting the Commonwealth. Your main visibilty until the event starts is the website.
Might be a stupid question but...Is the commonwealth only open to players from the commonwealth countries? Or is it an International Open with a Commonwealth Champion within it? Got a few mates from non-commonwealth countries interested in playing...but want to know soon...
I don't see an entry list?! It should be open to only Commonwealth countries but maybe we will find out for sure soon!
I hope it's open to people of any country Smile
Sigh... No one seems to care :bash:
Alan Tate Wrote:Is it possible to see the entry list for this please?

There are now only 61 days before this event starts. The website was set up some considerable time ago, but is of very little value, as it has never been updated.

The list of entrants does not exist despite people being encouraged to enter before the end of February. This is not a good advertisement for the championships, or for CS.

What events will run? Who can enter? Two of many questions that have not yet been answered.

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