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Charity Tournament
Morning Folks

I am looking to organise a combined World Record attempt and Charity Chess Tournament later in the year (Sept / Oct/ Nov) and would like to hear your view on it.

During the world record attempt we are thinking of running a 2 day congress, 5 Rounds. Entry would be a donation to the charity fund.

Prizes would most likely be trophies and donated spot prizes.

Would there be an appetite to play in something like this?

"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
This isn't quite the same

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but I Think it at least suggests combining a chess event with a charitable cause can be pretty popular and successful.
Like most others I would need to wait for more detail on the general idea to emerge, such as location, dates etc.

But a good idea, and I'd compete in this and support it.
I would be interested in playing in this.

How many people would there need to be for the world record attempt?
Might be missing something, but what actually is the world record attempt going to be? Big Grin Is it related to the number of competitors, as Calum alluded to above?

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