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Tromso Olympiad 2014
I have tried very hard to make my position very clear, but from Andrew Muir's comments I have clearly not expressed myself very well. I apologise and I will try once more

1. I have never sought, am not seeking, and will never seek a 'backdoor' entry into the Scottish team
2. ChessScotland sets eligibility rules for the Scottish Olympiad and European Championships Team and I fully accept that at present these mean I am ineligible for these events
3. As a corollary of 1 and 2. I will not be accepting a place at the Tromso Olympiad as either a 'wildcard' or 'special invitee'.

Possibly now would be a good time to worry ourselves slightly less about the players that are ineligible and perhaps turn our attention to things like sponsorship, so that some of the players who are actually eligible end up going!

My idea for sponsorship....all those who have e-mailed Andy Muir 'desperately wanting to go to Tromso' (desperately wanting to represent their country and do well would have been better criteria Wink ) should pay their own way, and also the way of those who aren't begging for a free holiday!

Let's see how eager those same people are in 2016 when the Olympiad goes to Azerbaijan Smile

P.S. I actually wish I could show the same restraint, lack of sarcasm, and the general politeness that Matthew shows - I think he deserves a place in the team now simply for his honest and constructive postings Smile
not sure if anyone saw this; <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> but Keith Arkell is getting sponsorship by simply asking for it. this enables him to go to the european seniors.
Do we have a team line-up yet? Andrew Greet has already announced on FB that he has been chosen, but who will be joining him?
Andy B,

Have you tried twit yet on social media? Maybe the International Director is on there announcing the team.
Will probably be another week to finalise.
Andy Muir,

Facebook I assume. Andrew Greet has announced he has been selected.

Care to tell ChessScotland members where their money is going to?
People can announce and speculate if they want but I wish to list the full squad when its ready not a partial squad
amuir Wrote:Robin
People can announce and speculate if they want but I wish to list the full squad when its ready not a partial squad

So the team is not yet decided? Why then has David C. posted in another thread

Quote:The recent publication of the regulations for the Olympiad to be held in Tromso has allowed the International Director, Andy Muir and myself to assess and estimate the cost of participation of the Scottish teams and I am happy to report that the swift action of Andy Muir in selecting the team and prompting the players to book flights quickly looks as if it will significantly minimise the total cost involved.
At the present time I am hopeful that being quick off the mark will lead to the final cost coming in around the £5,000 mark for the whole event. This is significantly below the estimates we were looking at in January and I would like to thank Andy Muir for the huge part he has played in minimising the expense.
My guess would be that invites have been sent to those selected and the International Director is waiting to see if the invites are accepted.

Obviously, Andrew Greet has accepted and decided to publise it but surely we can all agree it makes more sense to publish the finalised team once all the members have been confirmed.
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