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Senior Age Limit
Gender equality!

By George Neave (Age 50 years 4 weeks)!

(How did that happen...where do I go to collect my bus pass?)
So the Scottish #1 Seniors team is now Motwani, McNab, McKay, Morrison (Pritchett reserve)!
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
We have got to stop young things like George sneaking in to the Scottish seniors team. Let's set them some CS questions...

1/ Eyesight- Can you read the bottom line of the chart? If he answers W.H Collins (Glasgow Ltd) then he is out.

2/ Hearing- Can you buy me a drink George? If he responds positively within thirty minutes, then he is out.

3/ Walking- Can you walk to the arbiter to make a complaint and back again without other competitors complaining that your arthritic joints are creaking so much that they are putting them off? If he does he passes this one.
Alan Jelfs Wrote:So the Scottish #1 Seniors team is now Motwani, McNab, McKay, Morrison (Pritchett reserve)!

I believe Steve Mannion Jnr also qualifies because he has a special birthday in 2014. Bryson, Muir and Swan would be decent reserves, too. And for the same reason Prtchett could actually play in the over-65's section along with Jamieson and Bonner, with myself and Alan Borwell making up the numbers as usual.

I haven't checked yet, but I suspect most of the ex-Scottish Champions still playing are now Seniors!
Further to that it is maybe worth pointing out that the current new rules for the Euro Senior Team Chamoionships now require at least one over-65 player, and two if they have a reserve.

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