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Interesting Position
I’m also applying for a grading reduction, points to go to Phil.

This was my ‘solution’

1… Ng5 2 Kf6 Ne6 3 Kf7 Ke5 4 Kg8 Kf6 5 Kxh7 Kf7 6 Kh8 Nf8 7 h7 Ng6 mate
Or if 5 Kh8 then 5…Kf7 6 Kxh7 Ng5+ 7 Kh8 Kf8 8 h7 Nf2 mate. Of course in this latter line if W doesn’t take the h pawn B can just win with 5…Kg6

But what if White plays 3 Kf5? Luckily Black can still win with 3…Kd6 4 Kf6 Kd7 5 Kf7 and now eg Ng4 with similar lines. Mate on move 14 with the knight though….!

Phil’s right about losing a move of course, but it’s no wonder this ending is confusing. There is one position amongst those specified by Phil - with BK on Kf7, WK on h7 and the P on h6 – which is a win for Black regardless of the move!

It’s when the Black N is on e6. So with W to move it’s Kh8 Nf8 etc, and with Black to move it’s Ng5+ Kh8 Kf8!

Sadly Black can only reach this Ne6 position from one of the lines where he was winning the other way!

Still, if you reach one of those drawn positions in a desperate time scramble - with say the N on e5 and the WK on h8 - you could try Ng6+ Kh7 Nf8+ Kh8 Ne6 and if he instantly plays Kh7 the N dance continues with Ng5+ Kh8 Kf8. Pity you probably won’t have your mobile with you – his face will be a picture!

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