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Chess books for Christmas - what to ask for?
I quite fancy a couple of chess books appearing under the tree with my name on the tags come Christmas Day.

Preferably instructive with a 'workbook' element: something along the lines of Jacob Aagaard's 'Calculation' in his Grandmaster Preparation series which I am currently enjoying. (Are the other books in this series also worth buying?)

Does anyone have any suggestions? I do have most/all of the 'classics', so something more recent perhaps?

Andy Burnett
Guess no-one buys books anymore ;| (except yours of course Big Grin )
Andy -

If you're looking for a mixture of readability and great chess, you could ask Santa for Judit Polgar's vol. 1. Young Judit definitely had a touch of the streetfighter about her, so it could be right up your, erm, street.

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