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The Laws of Chess
Just a quick comment on who is allowed in the playing area. For many years now all the NEJCA events in the North and North-East of Scotland have not permitted parents and other spectators in the playing area. Similarly, after completing each game the youngsters must also leave the playing area. The parents/guardians are very used to this so no complaints (or at least none within my hearing!). Of course we try and make sure that every venue has an area for the parents and the non-playing children to congregate - this usually doubles up as the analysis/coaching/eating area. On one occasion we only had access to a single large hall and so we used the 'roped off' system mentioned by Alex.
I have vague recollections of playing chess before mobile phones became commonplace.
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Ianbrownlee Wrote:You say Chess Scotland cannot dictate this to every league and tournament and yet FIDE seems to be able to do so. Chess Scotland manage our grading system so they should have a say

Like we used the zero default rule and have have amended the phone rules in league chess. Yea we have followed what FIDE has sent us in the past...

The rules are split into the Rules of chess and tournament rules. Chess Scotland has to uphold the rules of chess. It is up to leagues and tournaments as to how they dictate the tournament rules. Not for Chess Scotland to dictate to them.

League chess - Mobiles are going to have to be accepted in my view.
Tournament chess - for me is down to the tournament organiser. I am not going to impose any draconian rules for any tournaments I am running. I can't see David doing it in his series of events either (not spoken to him so I may be wrong) Norm chasing FIDE events are different and we are probably going to have to toe the line with that.
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Alex MacFarlane wrote
"In any case one other penalty is to fine people. Can I suggest that this might be a better option. At £1 per event this could be used to support a charity, the SJCA Educational Trust comes to mind, to fund-raise for new equipment or to support the Scottish teams. I imagine this could raise between £40 and £100 per event."

I have always felt it was eminently sensible for 'local' leagues and congresses (non-norm tournaments) to impose fines for charity if a mobile phone rings. Not least of all, it provides a 'good news' story. One could even imagine a regional TV clip with a silent playing hall and then a phone going off. A chess player doing a homer simpson impression and then the story of how x amount had been raised for charity.
I'm more concerned about Andy's rubber gloves...

What could trigger a search?

If, say, i beat an opponent who is graded 100 or 200 higher than myself, and he goes to an arbiter and says something like, "i think he's cheating, he was making unusual foot-tapping movements", would i then be liable to a search?

I wouldn't want any arbiter smelling my smelly feet...
The laws of chess don't supersede the laws of the land and a chess arbiter is just a member of the general public in legal terms, so they have no right to perform a body search of anyone. Presumably, it would be possible to call in the police, but you'd need to establish reasonable evidence that a criminal offence had been committed. If there was evidence that a player had cheated at the Dundee congress then presumably one could say this was an attempt to obtain money by deception and if the evidence was strong enough the police could arrest them and perform a search. However, if there was evidence that a player was cheating in the Dundee League (which presumably has no prize money) would it be possible to call in the police, because what criminal offence is the culprit being accused of?
Thanks Matthew, we had a conversation about it on the way home from a league match last night, and although i wasn't thinking of legalities, i did say that no arbiter would be performing a search on me.

You've put an awful thought into my head though, playing at the Lothians at Wester Hailes Centre, when i'm asked into a side room where my sister (it's on her patch) is waiting for a crevice search! ;P

Would you say the new law is unworkable then?
Technology is developing at such a rate that it is easier and easier to cheat at chess if you want to. Thankfully most people don't want to.
The rules need to recognise that you have to (try to) prevent players cheating at the top level; That means no mobiles, watches, shoes off if required. For Dundee congress or the Dundee League it is ridiculous and maybe even illegal to try to prevent players having mobile phones. Imagine what happens when a player get attacked walking home because they couldn't ring for a taxi.
I had an incident in the S N C L, I will not say which season nor whom I was playing. This particular opponent disappeared into the toilet five times in the opening eight moves. Whilst I'm not implying that they were cheating, I found this rather strange behavior. They could very easily (as could we all) have been checking out the various options on a hand held device before returning to make their move. How could we possibly prevent this??
On a lighter note a couple of seasons back in the S N C L, one of our players in his total ignorance of the laws relating to mobiles was sitting receiving and sending texts to his young lady ( I believe) and his opponent either never saw this or chose not to make an issue if it. He eventually won the game but could or perhaps should have lost for this offence. Would this have been a loss or additional time for his opponent??
I think going to the toilet five times within the first eight moves is certainly unusual, but isn't close to being conclusive of cheating. Logically speaking the opening is not the time that you're likely to get the most advantage by using an engine anyway, as many of the moves are theory. For someone to get the most out of cheating they'd be better spreading their cheating sessions throughout the game and getting some ideas in the more complex middle/end game positions. However, why anyone would want to is a different matter entirely. :\

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