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The Laws of Chess
Andy Howie Wrote:c. A person who is neither a players nor arbiter be allowed access to the playing

So we no longer can have parents in the hall at junior

Quote:11.3 b b. During play, a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone and/or other electronic
means of communication in the playing venue. If it is evident that a player
brought such a device into the playing venue, he shall lose the game. The
opponent shall win.

So no hearing aids, tablets, radios etc etc. It continues...

Quote:The rules of a competition may specify a different, less severe, penalty.

Phew, but there is a further continuation...

Quote:The arbiter may require the player to allow his clothes, bags or other items to be
inspected, in private. The arbiter or a person authorised by the arbiter shall inspect
the player and shall be of the same gender as the player. If a player refuses to
cooperate with these obligations, the arbiter shall take measures in accordance
with Article 12.9.

So a new item to go into my arbiters case. Rubber gloves....

Overall, looks like most of the madness has been removed. I'm off to source some rubber gloves...[/quote]

Most of the madness removed? No I don't think so"..................

So leave communication devices out with the playing venue

So anyone travelling on public transport or on foot can leave their phone or laptop outside on the pavement!
Those who come by car will now be targeted as goods to be had left in car!

the 'people' who thought this up obviously do not have an ounce of common sense.......... They must be chess players & %#¥€ !!

I can understand these rulings for the top world events but that's where it should stop.

As for searching a woman's handbag? You will need to be a brave man not only from what you might find but be able to duck quickly when it gets swung your way - especially when a brick gets added to the kitchen sink et al.

Rubber gloves & a good first aid kit to go with them for the one who wears them!
JRedpath Wrote:Good in theory to ban phones from playing area, but just unworkable in practice as has been said many times before. Where are players meant to leave their phones during games?

Do the same as is done during SQA exams in schools? On entering the exam hall young people are given envelopes to write their names on and put their mobile phones in........ because let's face it we cannot expect our younger generation to be without their mobile phones for an extended period of time ;P
The madness comment was because I saw some of the things that were going to be proposed.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Article G.5 (Quickplay finish) has not been updated correctly. It refers to Article 2 when it should be G.4.

On Jacqui's point about parents being banned - of course the Arbiter will normally allow parents to be present. However, the Law does give the Arbiter the explicit power to exclude them when appropriate.
While we might expect arbiters to use suitable discretion Ken, the power given is actually to exclude them or anyone else whether appropriate or not. It's one of a few places where excessive powers are claimed. It doesn't seem to have been thought though at all. What if the event is in a public building? The right to refuse entry would not belong to the arbiter, unless (presumably) granted by or transferred from the local authority. Also, people might also think twice about traveling to spectate if they could be turned away at the door.
are these rules going to be implemented during the SNCL. It may affect teams fielding juniors who are bringing their parents as chaperones. I'm a bit concerned with where responsibility for juniors are concerned, parents, arbiters or Chess Scotland or whatever. This has to be completely transparent and made aware to club captains. Then, if the responsibility is taken from the parents, Liability and insurance come into play. I strongly suggest the logistics are thought out before the SNCL in particular as clubs from all over Scotland are coming to participate. Club officials are relying on parents traveling for potentially hours who then cannot enter the playing venue.
Does the SNCL have to offer playing secure facilities for valuables? Are the disabled going to be handicapped and therefore disenfranchised with Chess Scotland?

Finally, if the SNCL is not FIDE rated can we simply not choose to adopt these changes? Forgive me if I am focusing on the SNCL but I am bringing a junior to the event and I both need to know where I stand and whether the Junior's mother can or cannot attend. I don't expect anyone to sit in a car or wander arounf Dunfermline for a whole day
Ian, these rules will not come into force until July 2014, so no need to get your knickers in a twist just yet. Anyway, it is only the 'playing area' that will be restricted, not the 'playing venue'. The area previously used for meals would always be available for non-players.
As far as mobile phones etc is concerned it is the playing VENUE, not just the hall.
For most events I don't think there will be a huge need to worry but FIDE rated events might be more problematic.

I believe it is indeed the playing "venue" that will be affected (please someone correct me if wrong). My understanding is that could include the cafe, restaurant etc although how any element of control could be enforced at say a popular family leisure centre such as the Vikingar where the new Largs event was held, defeats me completely. ( I see Alex has just posted while writing).
simple solution to this!!

exclude the parents, pesky nuisance that they are,caring how their offspring fare in the magnificent game.

exclude spectators, chess is not a very good spectator sport anyway, if it was it would be on Sky.

exclude the players, solves the issues about possible cheating, most of them are egocentric, strange human beings anyway.

exclude the arbiters/referees/controllers, all power mad egoists who only wait for a dispute to arise so they can make decisions that are as understandable as the clues in 321 (one for the oldies).

last person leaving the building put the lights out, the lunatics have finally taken over this particular asylum Sad

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