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Bad Sneakers
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“Look for his shoes, I’m sure it’s in his shoes, because I noticed that he is doing something peculiar with his feet. He is wearing pretty big sneakers, like the ones they would force you to take off at airports, to make sure that you are not carrying something interesting....."

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Now why didn't I think of that
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I have read this and it is a cracking true story.
"I actually think he has the computer in his shoes – he doesn’t need any outside connection. He is using his toes to receive and give signals, in Morse code or whatever he has decided to use. His toes are actually tied in, electronically, so he cannot actually take off his shoes. It’s not only that he can’t show them, he can’t take them off. When he walks he walks in a very funny gait, like he is afraid to step on a part of his shoe. It was noted by a lot of players in previous tournaments, that he has this strange walk. I have a good friend, who is an actress in a theatre in Sofia, and she knows how people walk and noticed that he has a very strange gait, a walk that is not natural."

He "thinks" he has the computer in his shoes (no proof). Having a computer in your shoes is one thing, but how do you operate it ? Still guessing, I think
True Andy, it’s just the latest theory but from the account given of his reaction, it sounds like he’s been rumbled. Not sure are they saying he has Houdini down there too on some device or other, or is he still supposed to be signalling to a remote computer. But we’ll be finding out soon I reckon. If you see a good move, sit on your hands; if your opponent plays a good move … he’s going to need a good strong pair of boots!

Yeah Robin it was a great story. If I remember right they found the equipment worked in the lab (or bedroom!) but they had a ot of trouble getting it to work in situ because of the heat and humidity in Vegas and quite a lot of the story centres round this. Ivanov should come to Scotland..
Frankly if he can work Houdini running on an Android with his toes then I would give him his GM title.
Maybe a film will be made starring Daniel Day Lewis and could be called My Left (and right) Foot.
What gets me is that anyone who is smart enough to play chess let alone get an unaided grade >2000 must know what will happen if a 2200 rated player suddenly plays at consistently higher level. You must know that you will be in the spot light and accused of cheating. So why not use an approach whereby you either only make selective use of the silicon beast and/or set the beast to a 2300 in season 1, 2350 in season 2, ... and so on until you reach 2880.

Or is this the whole point - he gets off on getting away with it?
Alan Bell Wrote:Frankly if he can work Houdini running on an Android with his toes then I would give him his GM title.

Big Grin

In all seriousness, if this guy was any use at cheating he could have used it sparingly and become 2500 comfortably. Makes you wonder...

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