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benidorm International 2013
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As usual there are a group of us going out to play at Benidorm this year. If anyone is interested in playing and requires more information, please free to contact me at robinmoore add 60 plus at btinternet dot com. A twin room at the Gran Bali venue will cost you around £350 per person for all-inclusive for ten nights. That includes your flights and transfers. The entry to the tournament is 80 Euros but you receive a 20 euro discount if you stay at the Bali venue. There are of course, plenty of other alternative accommodation options.
£35 per day for 3 meals (all you can eat buffet) and drinks (all you can drink, hic 8) sounds like a great deal. Special prizes of course for top Scot etc.
What at, all you can eat or all you can drink?
You would think that Gary but given that there was only one real contender for the drink prize (guess who) and similarly for the food ( RM) then sorry the answer is no. The prize was chess related. Big Grin
Of course if there was a prize for most adventurous Scot then well,,,,, you would never guess Big Grin but usual rules, what happens in Benidorm stay in Benidorm lol Big Grin
Of course there is also the Benidorm Open table tennis championship, the Benidorm Open crazy golf championship and the big one...the Benidorm International Scottish chess handicap stakes. Ten euros each all in, handicap allocated according to grade, winner takes all.
If you want some good laughs, company and lovely weather in a really nice setting this is for you.

The tournament itself is very professionally organised with hundreds of competitors from throughout Europe and beyond and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I do recall that the first year we went to Benidorm there was a four way tie for the Benidorm International Scottish Chess handicap stakes between Elliot Frew, Pat McGovern, 12 year old David P Gillespie and yours truly. After heated debate it was decided that Elliot, as he had already scooped 1600 Euros in the main event and yours truly, as I had drawn up the handicap, would drop out. That left big Pat and young David to argue their case for victory. After careful and detailed consideration I decided that young David merited the award more for his remarkable performance for one so young (and also that he bunged me twenty euros but don't tell Pat).
As I recall the tie-break; Senor Robin (Mi angel, in joke ;P ) conspired against me by going through several tie-breaks before he found one that favoured the junior Gillespie, Infamy Infamy Sad
What a catch at Saltcoats. Net bulging!
Just been watching Benidorm on that 'pickpocket' TV Show, looked like
the offspring of Sodom and Gomorrah lol

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