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Manifesto of Calum MacQueen for IJD
Manifesto of Calum MacQueen for IJD

Apologies to David Deary for stealing his structure 


I have a few ideas of what the role of IJD entails. I feel the major responsibilities are

• Improve the strength of our juniors
• Send competitive squads to international tournaments including “home” internationals such as the Glourney

Only two overall objectives but I think most ideas I have fall under these two categories.

I have many plans with regards to helping our juniors reach their potential. Firstly, over the past few years we’ve seen the introduction of an online coaching set up where players up and down the country can receive good quality coaching from some of Scotland’s strongest and most motivated players. I really believe this is helping and I would like this scheme to continue to go from strength to strength. For this, I’ve enlisted the help of Andrew Green as it was his idea. He’s got some big plans moving forward and I have total confidence that he’ll keep up his good work.
Training days are also important and I’m looking into organising regular ones. I’ve been in contact with some GMs who said they’d be interested but would need some firm details before making a decision and obviously I can’t promise that just now. Online group coaching is potentially an option as well, I did some a couple of years ago for the team who went to Brazil and I think it worked well.

Selections are always a controversial policy and that’s just the nature of the beast. I’m very confident in the selectors we’ve got currently and I am in favour of allowing them as much access to information as possible which is why I’m in favour of the new selection criteria.


I’ve just “graduated” after many years as a Scottish junior after starting to play when I was 6 years old and I have seen first-hand where I think there are weaknesses in the international junior scene. I’m very passionate about junior chess and currently have 6 students online and worked in 4 schools while at university.
I totally accept that I’m a bit light in this area but I’ve got great support from some of Scotland’s old hands so I don’t think that can be a serious problem.

Why I am running?

I find some of the most satisfying moments in my chess career are ones where my students or other young Scots have done well. It’s with this in mind that I believe I’ve got the drive and ability to make a difference in the lives of young chess players.
I was delighted to hear David Deary and June Underwood were also running for their respective posts: two people I have spoken to about junior chess who have similar goals and I think we’ll make a great team taking things forward.


Ps. Maybe my manifesto is a bit light but I’m very wary of stepping on the toes of David and June. Let me say that I fully support David’s manifesto and will help in any way that I’m needed.

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