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Manifesto of David Congalton for Finance Director
I have written a finance report for inclusion in the annual report but in the spirit of discussions on another thread I have put together my "election" address below. I will also try to upload a photo as my user avatar for those who don't know me, so you can say hello or ask me any questions when you see me at a congress or some other chess match or event.

I was impressed by David Deary's manifesto for Home Junior Director and would echo many of his sentiments regarding the way forward.

David Congalton
Finance Director

Financial Background

Last 8 years as company accountant with a successful, local family run business near my home.

Replaced Mac MacKenzie as finance director at last year’s AGM when he stepped down after many years of service.

Chess Background

Returned to playing in 2008. I regularly play congresses in Scotland and England, as well as Ayrshire League events and Glasgow League matches. I am a member of both Greenwood and Cathcart chess clubs.

I have assisted in organising the Prestwick Congress and its successor the Ayr congress for the last three years.

I helped to bring GM Paul Motwani over for a series of events held in Ayrshire, in early May this year.

Assisted with the organisation of the junior teams particpation in the Liverpool Quadrangular in 2012 and the Glorney-Gilbert International in Cardiff last month. Attended both events and helped.

I am helping to organise the Inverness Congress taking place next month and trying to help develop a thriving junior chess scene in Ayrshire by running a new junior masters series of events.

In 2014 I will be helping at a South Ayrshire congress in January, the fourth Ayr congress in May and the first Highlands and Islands congress for June. After that I have nothing further planned.

Working towards becoming a qualified arbiter.


Last year was a year of learning in the Chess Scotland role for a good part of the period. Familiarisation with the way things worked and the timings of incomes and expenditures. Reviewing the processes and making some changes to improve them and make things simpler.

Failure was the unsuccessful application to the Big Lottery Fund.

Success was helping to put Chess Scotland in a strong financial position for the challenging year ahead.


If re-elected, I hope going forward to use the experience and knowledge gained last year to be able to spend less time on the administrative side and more time looking at ways to increase the revenue coming into Chess Scotland. Having had a years experience I am now in a better position to organise my time more effectively and find the right balance between work, chess finances and my other commitments and pastimes.

The loss of government support will be addressed and I will work towards having some form of government assistance reinstated, while actively seeking alternative means of funding.

I very much see the finance position as a support role for the various other directorates and for Scottish Chess as a whole. I believe that the current government strategy for supporting voluntary organisations such as ourselves means we have to adapt to a more targeted approach to funding.

I will be looking at working with all sections with a view to securing targeted funding for the various projects and events they wish to undertake in the coming year.

I understand the premise of the council motion for control on all spending not approved as part of the budget process but the recent trial of obtaining a decision involving all council members has yet to result in an outcome. As an alternative I would like to put together a small finance committee which would review requests for spending above a de minimus level, on a case by case basis. I believe a maximum of five people, including myself, would be conducive to this working efficiently and effectively, with all members of the panel drawn from those making up the Chess Scotland council.

Going Forward

At the moment the Chess Scotland membership and active chess players in the country need a strong governing body who have the resources to support the development and increase the over the board popularity of playing chess among all ages and all types of people.

The constant squabbles (and worse) of the last year cannot be part of the future. For those intent on this please consider taking up draughts, darts or perhaps try solitaire. It is becoming tiresome. If you truly have the best interest of Scottish chess at heart consider swallowing some pride and taking the first step to conciliation. There is a wind of change blowing with the younger generation stepping forward this year to take positions. It would be hugely unfair to them to drag Chess Scotland into a pit which they have to haul it out of. Is this really the legacy those who are elder and should be wiser want to leave?

I do believe the “new” people coming forward is proof that the number of people willing to give up their own time to organise and run Scottish chess is significantly more than many would think. It is important that we all try to work together and support each other. When new people come in we must do our best to make them welcome, to assist them and to make them want to continue giving their time and energy to making chess the big story of the next few years.

I fully intend to work with all parties, old and new, involved in progressing Chess in Scotland, moving the game forward and regenerating the enthusiasm and interest I believe is there. Chess is a special pastime and there is huge potential to do something great in the next few years, with a positive and active approach to everything that is done.

“To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.”

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Well spoken, David. The reference to the Analects is a Masterstroke! You get my vote!

PS So does David Deary. His zeal made a real impact.
I think you may have misread the Accountants' handbook.
You are supposed to spread confusion not Confucius =o

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