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Scottish - Round 8
...thought I'd start a topic on the chess today!

Alan Tate is killing GM HERA (2558)
Looking at the position on the live boards after move 16.Bc4 e6

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Alan has just played 17.d6 - looks winning for White :U
unfortunately GM HERA (2558) had a Lazarus like come back and beat Alan Sad
Ah, well. That's why he's a GM I suppose!
With only 30 mins left after move 20 - the pressure must have been immense to find the strongest moves in that position.

Much easier for us watching and able to move the pieces around(!) - but 19.Bb3 retreat followed by Ng3 looks very strong for White. Even at move 27 - by playing Qc7+ first to force the king away from defence of e7 - before playing Rc3 looks promising.

I would put money on Black not repeating that line and a safe bet that Alan will put away his next opponent who gives him that position after move 18 - regardless of GM status Big Grin

Immensely complex game...and great entertainment to follow it!!

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