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State of Scottish Chess

Probably not the best question to ask Phil and I will imagine he will respond when he gets online later but Phil and Jacqui tried to join Chess Scotland...
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Andy Howie Wrote:Kevin,

Probably not the best question to ask Phil and I will imagine he will respond when he gets online later but Phil and Jacqui tried to join Chess Scotland...

Andy, a note of caution. As you took the minutes from Council and are the custodian of the facts on this one your answer should be a little fuller. Admittedly you are working your posterior off at the Scottish getting Geoff some PGNs but come on. ;P

My understanding is that Jacqui & Phil applied to re-join CS and the application was dealt with incorrectly (ie - it should have been pending). I also believe an apology was to be issued for this error. There were no objections regarding the request to re-join CS and I think those attending the meeting welcomed it. However, I must admit I did question the motivations for re-joining on the eve of the meeting and I made my view quite clear on that.

Is that a fair assessment?

This is really a storm in a teacup and I hope we can move on as its getting embarrassing now. I don't think I've ever seen something blown out of proportion quite like this has been.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Patrick McGovern Wrote:You and Mrs Thomas would have had that explained to you and an apology proffered to the both of you. However both of you had left. Your leaving was a surprise as it was clear that your absence was only to be a temporary one.

It was no surprise to me, and I'm astonished that anyone expected them still to be there given the way that they were treated.
The thread started out promising. Kevin asked: "For Chess in Scotland: What can be done to rectify this? Or, if I'm wrong and there is not a "decline", then what can be done to increase numbers regardless? Also what can Chess Scotland, as the national body, do to promote the game?" What happened in response? Some answers, some constructive ideas, then complete dissention into exactly what is wrong with chess in Scotland at the moment. It is so frustrating to keep seeing politics and rivalries getting in the way of putting chess first. I have no interest who said what, who dislikes who, who started what, but I do have a colossal interest in seeing chess doing well in Scotland. We are not all going to get along with everyone, but we all have a common interest here. How about drawing some lines, coming up with some ideas to move forward, and actually doing it?

here Adam well said...
if we had more positive people than Adam then this could be resolved. I now feel strongly that action needs to be done. Somebody (either singular or plural) needs to address both parties in an immediate attempt to resolve this, report to the AGM and make recommendations. I get the distinct impression that the current disputes are the culmination of animosity between individuals and between groups of people. A lot of hurt is being generated in both directions which cannot be right for anybody I also think this vitriol can only be derimental

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