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Forum Moderation
He did for some time, but I believe it's now defunct. Links to it don't lead anywhere any more, and apparently forums that are suspended for 25 days or over (the link's been down for longer than that) get deleted. I could easily be wrong, and it's definitely possible that Andy stored the data somewhere, but it's certainly not up in its original form.
Ahhh well, I guess we'll never know definitively. Sad
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
The original intention was to get backups of the old forum database and populate the new forum database with them. From the old host there was a cost involved in getting those backups, and I think the decision at the time was that it wasn't worthwhile. It's a shame if the old forum was deleted by the host after a period of time. It would have been good to archive it somewhere on our website. Sad
David Deary Wrote:
Phil Thomas Wrote:David,
for your information I can recall making two requests for deletion of an offensive post.
On both occasions my request was accepted by the moderator.

If my memory and maths are both correct that is a strike rate of 100%

Since we are trading statistical data. How many time this month have you been onto the notice board to complain about a perpetual complainant? Would that number be higher than 2 by any chance?

Phil, it would be nice if you actually answered all of the questions posed to you or even acknowledged them. Why do you feel the need to go to the moderators in the first instance? Can you not resolve something with somebody on a one to one in a pm or an email?

So, you have only made two complaints to moderators on this forum? I know you mentioned requests but their is a difference between requests and complaints. I recall one where you emailed all forum users in August of last year and then there is the post that was removed last week? That makes two and these are the only two?

I don't think the number of times I have complained about inconsistent moderation exceeds the number of times the perpetual complainant has complained. ;P I'm opposed to the moderators stepping in. It should be as a last resort and only when someone crosses the line.

Hugh Brechin Wrote:Honestly, off the top of my head I'd have guessed at lower numbers than those, actually.

Andy H might be able to advise. I'm pretty sure he keeps the old noticeboard alive.


I am not on trial here.

Mainly because you are accusing me of things that are not a crime.
Did my memory come up with the wrong answer this morning?
Did I talk to the moderator rather than contact my accusers directly?

As Jacqui wrtote late last night just be amazed that she and I still have the will to post.

The right to self defense is a universal human right.

That right does not get removed by a series of vicious attacks. Please explain to the chess world why you and your team mates at Greenwood find it so necessary to keep me off the notice board.

Please try to do better than Pat McGoverns' attempt last December.
I can't be bothered looking up the details I'm sure you guys have it on file.
Phil, you don't half talk a load of tripe!

I tried to engage you in a reasonable discussion and then you come out with nonsense like that... Congratulations you're now on my foes list. (For Andy McCulloch's benefit this means I don't have to read Phil's posts on the forum ever again! Woohoo! Big Grin)
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Phil Thomas Wrote:Please explain to the chess world why you and your team mates at Greenwood ...

Whilst I accept Phil's statement may be factually correct, in that both David Deary and Pat McGovern are Greenwood players, I would like to refer the honourable gentleman to a response I gave some postings ago.

Me Wrote:Hi Andy McCulloch, when you say "Greenwood all..", I play for Greenwood and was not aware that we were targeting anyone, other than possibly Kilmarnock for next seasons Ayrshire League title.

I did miss much of what the fuss was about as I was playing chess at the weekend. From what I can gather though, it's about whether non-members should be allowed to post on the CS forum. Apologies, if this is not the case.

This is an issue which has been discussed with me in the past (when posters could remain hidden behind a pseudonym) by people from outside Ayrshire who found the comments of some aggravating. The opinion was that the offending non-members were happy to put their tuppence worth in to a debate but not into supporting Chess Scotland.

My personal opinion was and is, that I think all should be allowed to post on the forum. If you don't like what is said or don't agree, ignore it or debate the point. Your choice.

By targeting the Greenwood Club you are targeting all it's players, regardless of which side of the debate they may or may not support. This only serves to unnecessarily antagonise.
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When moderators do delete posts, could they please at least leave some evidence of the fact in the thread, such as

"Post by <so-and-so> deleted by Moderator"

So those of us who read something one day then can't find it the next, do not have to question their eyesight/memory/sanity?

Kind regards,
Alan Jelfs
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
It seems that the most contributed to threads on here generally have very little to do with chess.

At the end of the day, if people disagree with each other it's all good, but when people start falling out and having spats over a public forum what is the point?

As to moderation, it is fair enough that anything insulting/ offensive/ inappropriate be removed. Any "flaming" should be deleted too. I don't know if any posts have been deleted which don't fit these categories, if this is the case then the mods would have there reasons. No biggy.

They are doing it on a voluntary basis.

It would be good to have a forum where people discussed chess, or whatever they wanted, bit of banter, in a good humoured way. If it's just all political and people having arguments (in an unconstructive manner)really there is no point to having a forum.
I have had a post removed now so I am going to lay off the controversial topics. The AGM is a suitable place to raise these issues.
Golly gosh one has to be quick on here to read all the posts, I've missed another one! Sad

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