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Paisley on the move ?
Paisley Chess Club may be relocating. In the meantime we are using a back up training facility, please contact us directly for more information and our website should be updated shortly. Paisley Chess Club are open fifty weeks a year.
Please note Paisley Chess Club have now moved. We will be playing at the Ralston Bowling Club, Allanton Avenue, Paisley PA1 3BL. This is in the east end of Paisley and is 3.5 miles from Ibrox Stadium.
Good luck in your new 'home' finding affordable premises for Chess these days is not easy.
good luck on your move =)
Thanks for the good wishes guys. It was not easy finding somewhere but we got lucky eventually.
Saw the new Paisley venue tonight.
I can recommend it as having very good ambience for playing chess.

Hope that Paisley can get a few ex members to rejoin.

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