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ACO World Amateur Chess Championship Crete 2013 - Group B
Alan Minnican is currently doing extremely well - hope he keeps it up.

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Alan has 5.5/7 and is in 2nd place in Group B.
Alan, keep winning - a chance to be world champion !!
Alan won today and if he wins tomorrow he becomes world champion and wins 400 Euros ! Good Luck
Looks like Alan drew his final game and won the tournament outright (and undefeated) ! Excellent news and very well done Big Grin
Yes, Alan is Scotland's first World Champion since Paul Motwani 1978 !
Congratulations Alan! Guess I shouldn't feel so bad about losing to you at Oban, now that you are a World Champion Smile Well done!!
amuir Wrote:Yes, Alan is Scotland's first World Champion since Paul Motwani 1978 !

Isn't he the first since Elaine Bamber (nee Rutherford)?
Yes, actually, Elaine won Woman's World Amateur in 2000 too !

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Great news, well done Alan! Big Grin

Now I can say I've played a World Champion before. 8)
Congratulations Alan on a great achievement! We may now have a late contender for player of the year. I look forward to this Scottish success story taking pride of place on the website.

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