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any plans for the live boards at Edinburgh?
Live or not, boards like that are a real pleasure to play on. It would be great to see them in all tournaments in Scotland.
Alan Tate Wrote:Live or not, boards like that are a real pleasure to play on. It would be great to see them in all tournaments in Scotland.

Agreed. Also the reason I enjoy matches/tournaments at Edinburgh CC. Last season I played Alan Minnican in the Dragons Club Championship and he brought along a replica of the 1972 Fischer-Spassky board, set and clock to use - much more aesthetically pleasing than the bog-standard plastic board and set!

Obviously cost, storage and transport would be the issues. It's a good enough reason to do well in a tournament though (see Walter's comment above!) I don't have any problems with the design of the pieces -but you'll notice I always turn my knights in sideways so they are obviously knights in time-scrambles!

On another point, in my final game yesterday Gabriel mated me with only 6 seconds left on the clock. As I was so much material down I was thinking only of a draw if his 'flag' fell, but had he lost on time with me still having a bishop and pawn (against 2 queens and a bishop and pawn!) would I be justified in claiming a win as he hadn't offered, accepted or claimed a draw?! It hadn't occurred to me at the time - I'm very rarely in these situations having generally won or lost much more quickly!

There is a very interesting discussion on the ECForum about the 10.2 rule after Gawain Jones was denied the win on time at the recent Southend Congress costing him £920!! Terrible arbiting decision from the information to hand and one which might (from Jones appeal letter) result in legal action!
Andrew McHarg Wrote:Looked to be a really good event. Was that Calum McQueen's second GM scalp? 8)

Just a thought for the future Andy: perhaps it'd be a good idea to create a Chess Scotland manual for setting up and using the live boards at events? These things are only going to become more widely used and I know you are looking to train others on using them.


That is the plan once we have everything stable. Currently have 1 volunteer wanting to learn how they work.
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