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Portraits on Website

If you would like your portrait to appear on the website (in your grading profile) then please send me an email with the image attached along with your pnum.

My email: andrew dot mcharg @
(remove spaces and replace dot with a .)

Image spec should be:

- Image should be named yourpnum.jpg (so if your pnum is 12345, your image should be 12345.jpg)
- Image should be a square
- Max dimensions: 500 pixels x 500 pixels
- Min dimensions: 170 pixels x 170 pixels
- Jpeg file format

Please only send an image of the person whom it's supposed to represent (i.e. don't send a picture of your favourite footballer or Golem from LOTR).

I'm not sure on the relevant laws regarding juniors, so for now please only send if you are aged 16 or older until we clarify that point.

Any questions/issues etc just write below... Big Grin
Disclaimer: although all efforts are made to protect your images/personal details, by making them public on the website (even if it requires a login to see under ordinary circumstances) there is still practically nothing preventing the image/s from being stolen and used elsewhere. Please only send an image that you don't mind being seen publicly anywhere.

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