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Candidate Games
Just been to the official site to checkout the candidates games and can not believe how bad the boards look. Anyone know of a better site?
Yes, truly awful. I thought the new AGON/FIDE partnership was about to herald some new wonder era for publicising events. Did they try out this design on anyone before releasing it to the world.


How about chessdom, you even get a line of computer assessment on the screen.

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Anything better?
The official site commentary is interesting with Svidler in the chair. Kramnik is also good value. Just need to fix those terrible diagrams and someone put shilling in the meter to get the lighting improved.
seems to be better in non-flash player mode, but still not great
In game 11 yesterday Kramnik’s 28 Rb6 sets a trap, “a nice combination”. And it is, and easy to fall for too with Radjabov in time trouble. It won the game.

However going by the computer assessments on the screen Kramnik already had quite a good advantage, which would have evaporated had Black avoided the trap (he might have smelt a rat, for example). I find it interesting that Kramnik should take this gamble (he must have reckoned it increased his chances of winning), and wondered if this kind of thinking was commonplace in GM games (especially with opponents in time trouble)? Maybe he felt it was worth sacrificing his usual objectivity due to the importance of the occasion for him?

I’m glad he did as it’s livened up the finish. Still all to play for, it’s much more interesting than Carlsen opening a yawning one-point lead - but Carlsen has two whites left to Kramnik’s one.
I think the world championship match that everyone wants to see is Carlsen vs Anand. Therefore, I'd like to see Carlsen win. =)
Interestingly Carlsen did say in a recent interview that he would often play the move he thought would most trouble his opponent rather than the objectively best move.
12th round:

Kramnik beats Aronian, Ivanchuk beats Carlsen, Kramnik leads !
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Carlsen was too overconfident v Ivancuk - Kramnik now favourite
amuir Wrote:Kramnik now favourite

Not anymore. Big Grin

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