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chess/ chessbase material
can anyone help? I am currently teaching primary kids the basics of the game and some of them are progressing nicely. However can anyone point me in the right direction as I need materials to teach the basics and a little further. I have chessbase and would ideally like materials though this medium. Does chessbase sell anything targeted towards kids and beginners

Try the following link;

I don't know if it works within chessbase, or is a standalone product but you could email
Steffen Giehring of Chessbase

Good luck!
Might be worth dropping Peter Woods an email and see what he has
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I would really recommend How to Beat Your Dad at Chess - its a real classic for tactics (depends how good the kids are though - its a fair bit harder than forks and pins and that kind of stuff - definitely not one move tactics but its not all that advanced either). If I was to give a rough number of elo points for each chess book I have, that one would get a very sizeable chunk of them. Think NEJCA has got a small selection of references and a pretty good overview on its website under the Training link.
The three levels of Fritz and Chesster (Chessbase shop link above) are widely recommended.

If the use of non-digital resources is an option you might take a look at

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This is some of the best instructional material I've seen. Chapter headings such as 'Space Invaders', 'The Double Freddie', 'The Queen's Lunch Break', 'Fried Liver - It's Offal for Black', etc, give some indication of the flavour. I regularly used these Chesskids lessons when teaching in the Far East and found them particularly suitable for children in the 9-11 age group.

All the material is currently available free of charge though donations are welcomed.

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