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Scottish Blitz 2013
I am happy to announce that British number 1, and former world top 5, Michael Adams will be playing in the Scottish Blitz this year.

Mickey is rated 2727 on the current FIDE ratings list and ranked 22nd in the world. The opportunity to play in the same tournament as, and have the chance to play against, the highest rated British player of all time will be amazing for many.

Any up to date entry list is available on the website:

Just a reminder that places are limited once again this year.
As promised, MacQueen...
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It's Mickey, MIckey, Mickey, Mickey.
This news blows my mind.

Seriously, that's a terrific coup. Not a tournament to miss.
webpage is confusing : to find entrants you must click : Enter Now! , also the top grades shown are divided by 100
Have you tried clicking on "entires"?
I think the entry form overlapped the entry list ratings column if the screen resolution is too small. Hopefully it's OK now!
There are currently 51 entries... once again, an amazing response! This means that just over 50% of the arranged capacity is taken with just over 7 weeks until the tournament. =)
Scottish Blitz Chess Championship 2013 sponsored by Walkers Shortbread.

Walkers Shortbread have become the title sponsor for this year's Scottish Blitz... It's amazing to have the support of Scotland's largest exporter of food.

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