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Scottish Blitz 2013
Can we clarify the FIDE ratings please ?
Will my actual FIDE rating of 2325 be put on the line if I play or will it be my blitz FIDE rating ?
Where do I find a list of the top Scots blitz FIDE ratings (e.g. those over 2200) ?
Is 3+2 now accepted blitz time instead of 5 mins ?

There is no way your standard play rating will be affected by blitz or rapidplay (allegro) events.

Blitz ratings. (Search for all Scots and put in spreadsheet to sort)
 McNab, Colin A  GM  2438  
 Greet, Andrew N  IM  2425  
 Shaw, John  GM  2417  
 Arakhamia-Grant, Ketevan  GM  WGM  2390  
 Burns-Mannion, Stephen R  IM  2332  
 Berry, Neil  FM  2332  
 Bryson, Douglas M  IM  2330  
 Muir, Andrew J  IM  2284  
 Bathie, Nicol  2270  
 MacQueen, Calum  2246  
 Jamieson, Peter M  FM  2206  
 Bremner, Adam  2195  
 Burnett, Andrew  2183  
 Sreeves, Clement  2176  
 Green, Andrew D  2161  
 Edwards, Jonathan  2160  
 Neave, George  2109  
 Bamber, Elaine  WF  WF  2109  
 Rutherford, William  2101  
 Olson, Hamish  2081  
 Kafka, Graeme  2072  
 Abdulla, Murad  2061  
 Rocks, Daniel  2058  
 McClement, Andrew  2051  
 Coleman, Robbie  2049  
 Brechin, Hugh R  2042  
 Burnett, Walter  2036  
 Maxwell, Daniel  2026  
 Oswald, David C  2014  
 O`Neil, Jim  1991  
 Doyle, James  1978  
 Grove, Michael  1952  
 Walker, Duncan  1938  
 Mcgregor, Lindsay A  1938  
 McDonald, Ian  1926  
 Ridge, Michael  1925  
 Robertson, David A  1910  
 McLean, Ian  1908  
 Murdochy, Shivan  1887  
 Allan, Brian  1865  
 Dunlop, Anthony  1832  
 Jelfs, Alan  1826  
 Roy, Ali  1821  
 Deary, David  1816  
 Newton, Andrew  1813  
 Gregory, Sam  1794  
 McHarg, Andrew  1756  
 Chapman, Nigel  1736  
 McDonald, Maryann  1603  
 Milton, Anna  1475  

FIDE still only allows you to sort on standard rating on its website. (Do advance search for SCO)

Increments is becoming more popular for all chess events. This is particularly true for blitz where K+2N v K will be agreed a draw with increments but one player may play on with a fixed time. 3min +2 secs gives a better/fairer outcome where a good player is allowed to demonstrate his/her ability.
That's entries now open for the Scottish Blitz. Tournament details on the website along with online entry.
Skyscanner have become gold sponsors via Kickstarter. Almost 60% of the £1000 goal has now been pledged - thanks to everyone who has donated so far! There's 16 days left to reach the £1000.
Only one week left until the kickstarter page closes. Just to confirm, the money won't be taken out of anyone's account if the goal isn't reached. This means if people don't give the odd 10er then Jonny will get none of the donations and the event is in danger of making a loss. If people want to see this fun format run again in one of the nicest venues in Scotland then only another £190 is needed.
Looks like the target's been reached now...
Hugh Brechin Wrote:Looks like the target's been reached now...

The target has now been reached! I would like to thank everyone who has donated... the support has been amazing once again - Kickstarter page is open for another 5 days for anyone else who wishes to donate. =)

First Grandmaster to enter is Keith Arkell.

A confirmed prize fund can now be found on the website.
Unfortunately, a pledge has been removed from the Kickstarter page so now the total is slightly short of the amount needed Sad . I'm appealing for donations to achieve the goal. There's just over a day left.
Has it been reached again Jonathan. I'm seeing £1026 raised of £1000 target... or am I missing something? Big Grin
its was 24 pounds short, but within 5 hours after Jonnys post the total was surpassed - tremendous support

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