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Goals for the new season!
What are your goals... ?

Mine is to break the 1800 grading barrier. This is the first new season where my grade has gone down (albeit only by about 2elo). I think the reason is that I've not played as much. ;|
Same for me really.

I'll try to break the 1800 barrier but if I play anything like I did last season at weekenders I'll be struggling to do it.

Ideally, I need to find a couple of hours each day to do some "study". I keep telling myself I will pick up the books but then I get distracted by my pc, my xbox 360 or work. Oooh the joys of being an occassional player.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Mine is to get the IA title. 4 norms needed.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
1/ Get David Deary/ Pat/ McGovern/ David Gillespie senior to buy me a pint.
2/ Try and get some of the juniors I am coaching at Dunlop primary school in Ayrshire onto to the CFK or Hamilton junior events. It's brilliant fun and a great challenge. Why don't you get yourself on the coaching list and offer your services to the local primary school ? You will be starting from scratch but the personal satisfaction is incredible.
In no particular order:

1. Break the 1600 rating barrier
2. Play in a couple of Challengers events
3. Work on middlegame planning (main cause of my losses in second half of last season)
4. Break 50% for any league teams I play in
For me:

Breaking 2100 would be very nice, but given that I haven't done a lot of work on my game recently 2050 is probably a more realistic target. I've given myself a big advantage this year by not playing in the Scottish, an event in which I lost about 80 points last time around.
Continue my recent ability to get decent results (finally!) with Black.
Play some kind of part in keeping Edinburgh 2 in the local Premier Division, and ideally contribute to successful Richardson and SNCL campaigns.
I'm fairly sure you can break the 1800 barrier Andrew, given enough games. The opportunity of playing in division 1 this season will help your game too, whether or not that reflects in your next grade, it'll certainly show over a longer term.

I think my goal for this season will be to stay above 1500, i've been dogged by concentration problems for a couple of years now, got away with it for much of 2010-11, but not so much 11-12. My focus needs more focus...
[quote]"Get David Deary/ Pat/ McGovern/ David Gillespie senior to buy me a pint."

to quote the famous Kilmarnock sage, "Pot, Kettle and Black".

Robin is clearly affected by Alzheimers Big Grin However he will have a chance to redeem himself during the upcoming Marymass tourney in August!! :U
1/ to conquer the short time controls of the leagues!! Big Grin
2/ to get my Scottish rating to match my FIDE one!! Big Grin
To ensure that either parliament UK or Scottish fund the participation of our next crop of 20 junior Internationalists at the next Glorney/Faber/Robinson and Stokes events.

Currently we spend money on the past and destruction. Time to demand that our country Britain/Scotland invest in it's talented youth.

Recent e-mail states that £1.35 million was paid to a private family for buying some papers to do with William Wallace to display in the Scottish Museum. How about investing in living breathing talent?

Angus Wallace McDonald

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