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Euroyouth Bulgaria 2011
Good luck to the squad flying out this Friday 9th September to the Euros in Albena, Bulgaria. If you want to follow their fortunes please see links below.

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Category Surname Name
U12 Girl Milton Anna
U12 Girl Espinosa Monica
U14 Girl Espinosa Cristina
U16 Girl Roy Ali
U10 Boy Pannwitz Kai
U12 Boy Abdulla Murad
U12 Boy Underwood James Robert
U14 Boy Milton Carl
U16 Boy McClement Andrew Iain
U18 Boy Olson Hamish
Coach Tate Alan
Head of Delegation Moore Robin
Thanks for this Jacqui.

Just want to say good luck to all in the Scottish Team!!!!
Linda McCusker Wrote:Just want to say good luck to all in the Scottish Team!!!!

Same! Good luck all!
Best of Luck to all. First round starts at 15.00 local time = 13.00 UK

Web site claims 60 live boards will be running. Allowing 120 players to appear live = around 12 % of competitors.

Not known yet if any Scots have a live game today.

Good quality links to each section are on the home page.

Below are links for the live games

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We all arrived safely, with only a minor problem or so. The main one being the greedy mafia taxis at Bourgas airport who wanted 62 pounds for running us 1km to our hotel in Bourgas for one night, so we walked it, 3 in the morning, cases dragging behind, and back again in the morning ! Accomodation and location in Albena is excellent. Everyone getting on great and terrific squad spirit. We didn't get off to a great start pointswise, Andrew and Anna drew, everyone else lost but that is a misleading result to how we played overall. We were effectively in the bottom half of all sections so played players much higher rated in round 1. We also got 6 blacks and 4 whites which wasn't helpful. I am very confident that our results will improve as the tourney progresses. On a personal note if you think playing in Benidorm, Italy or the Czech open as I have done is nervewracking, try being a head of delegation here. Yesterday games started at 3pm. Everyone including parents were allowed in for 10 mins to take photos etc then at 3.10 it was everyone out of the arena till 4.30 until only heads of delegation were allowed in. Staring at that door for 1hr and 20 mins praying for one of your team not to come out upset seemed like an eternity. Welcome to International Junior Chess !

It is tough, no doubt about it - and I have just seen the second round draws (!) - but results will come: the players have the chess ability.
Hang in there! Things will get better and you'll get opportunities to win! Big Grin It's a shame about the Taxi, what a complete bunch of conmen!
Round 2- Pointswise another bad day but again completely misleading. All games lasted 3 and a half to five and a half hours. Alan's excellent prep was in action all round, and we had a better steadier approach. After 2 hours we were up in 2, level in 6 and down in 2. Then things started to go wrong. Andrew (4 hrs) and Monica (5 hrs) fell for tactics when winning and both lost. Anna dug in for nearly 5 hours against a WFM but couldn't quite hold on, Jamie was better in a Q,R, and P endgame but his opponent managed to swap off queens and narrowly win the ensuing R and P endgame. Carl was fine but lost the exchange in time trouble and couldn't quite hold it. Hamish was always struggling but battled on for over 3 hours. Kai played great again but his Ukrainian opponent just edged him after nearly 4 hours. Christina was fine but, like yesterday, got very short of time and blundered. Ali who had been losing in the worst position of all, dug in, showed her experience and came through to win. Murad was dead level all game but lost in an opposite coloured bishop endgame when his opponent had a much more active king after over 5 hours. We are disappointed that so far our results have not reflected our overall play but spirits are high, coaching and preparation going well and everyone mixing together and enjoying it very much. I am sure the results will come.

Great Match report Robin.
Good that you've got internet access again

There always many more people monitoring than there are commenting on the notice board. We tend not to post when all we can think of to say is good luck everyone.
Good luck in the next round! Big Grin Be patient and the results will come. 8)

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