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Setting a DGT2010 Clock
Help! I need to setup a couple of clocks on Thursday for 30 moves in 60 mins followed by 15 minutes quickplay. This seems to equate to options 4&5 - called TIME & GUILLOTINE. Trouble I am having is that when I select option 5 I can setup the two time periods okay but at no point am I prompted for the number of moves to be made in that first 60mins.

This seems such a basic requirement I assume I am missing something?
To set the move counter use one of the Fischer modes (possibly 19 or 21 from memory). Set the increment to 0.
Sorry for resurrecting an old post but I thought I'd share a rather frustrating experience I had trying to set our new DGT 2010 clocks (to 30 moves in 1hr followed by 20 min allegro finish) to save others wasting time on it.

There's a really great video been produced by DGT showing how to set this type of time control. Unfortunately the method the video gives at the end for testing it doesn't work for certain serial nos of this clock. Information on this issue is given on a recent FAQ article on their website. In essence, if you find you need to change the move counter during the first period of play, you'll have to reset the clock because if you just change the move counter then the second time control gets ignored Sad .
I've quoted below the response from DGT about the particular issue I raised in the previous post.

I thought the use of a move counter with digital clocks was quite widely used in Scottish League Chess?

They seem to be saying that FIDE Regulations discourage the use of move counters.

DGT Wrote:DGT2010 Option 21: Manual Setting for Bonus Tournament

Dear Sir/Madam,

Using option 21 in combination with a move counter makes it more difficult to do a correction during the game with DGT2010 clocks with serial numbers starting with D0411, D0811, D2911, D3711, D0912 or D2012. Whilst this is regrettable, the available work around is a usable solution albeit a slightly elaborate one. The solution however is not much more complicated than it is to set the manual option in the first place.
It is noted that FIDE rules do not even regulate the use of a move counter and as such using the move counter tool is best avoided. FIDE Regulations, Article 6.2 and 6.3 of the Laws of Chess in particular, stipulate an arbiter should not base his decisions on a move counter, but on a flag fall, which does not even happen in most games if a move counter is used.
The use of option 21 in combination with a move counter is not particularly widespread. The need to make a time adjustment during the game in a pre-ultimate time period, when using this setting occurs quite seldom. As this option can only be used after a manual set, we have to assume the arbiter in question knows how to implement the manual setting itself. Consequently we also have to assume he will be able to implement the work around as well.
Whilst we regret that for a limited batch of DGT2010 clocks making a correction in option 21 (with move timer activated) is not as straightforward as it should be, the above considerations, in particular the existence of a workable solution does not warrant sufficient reason for us to replace any of the affected clocks at our expense.

With regards,

Over 20 of these clocks were rejected at the British when the additional time was added on randomly! I think this was also mode 21 but with the move counter set to 0.

I'll find out what happened with them.

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