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SNCL teams registered
If you haven't already seen my message about SNCL in general chess chat here it is.  Then scroll down to see the teams that have confirmed. If you are not one of them email me ASAP.

Hi Folks,

I am delighted to say SNCL is back!!

The dates are on the front page of Chess Scotland. 

At the end of the last season it was too tight to call who would be winners or losers so we are going to keep all teams in the divisions they were in during 2019/20  All teams need to email me that they are coming by the 15th January and any new teams will go into the lowest division. The entry fee is £50 per team for this season only as a welcome back. We intend to start again in October 2023 for the traditional season unless the AGM decides they like the new date format.

For multiple teams I am also suspending the rule that higher graded players need to play in the top team, owing to grades not being accurate following Covid lockdowns and lack of competitions. However, the rule remains that players within their assigned team will then play in grading order with a 100 point flexibility.

Please pay on the first day, preferably cash.  

Look forward to seeing all teams back on the 29th January 2023 for rounds 1 and 2.


Teams registered are CSBOS x2,  Perth A,  Edin West,  Dundee x4,  Stepps,  Lenzie x3,  Troon (New team Div 5),  Corstorphine,  Bon Accord

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