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Apologies but the website is misbehaving this evening and won't let me post

The Annual General Meeting of the members of Chess Scotland will be held on Saturday 26th November 2022 12:00 -16:00 and will be held online. Link to follow

The business of the Annual General Meeting will be:
1. To receive the Annual Report of Chess Scotland, incorporating a Statement of Account for the financial year to April 30 2021 certified by the Auditor.
2. To elect Directors from the Individual members willing to serve.
4. To elect holders of other specified posts
5. To consider matters raised by members

Nominations for elections must be received by the Executive Director in writing (including e-mail) at least three weeks before the meeting (i.e. not later than 23:59 on Saturday 5th November, 2022), and must be proposed and seconded by members, and confirm the consent of the nominee to serve.

Any proposals for consideration at the AGM must be received by the Executive Director in writing (including e-mail) at least three weeks before the meeting and must be proposed and seconded by members.

The Executive Director will publish all nominations for elections and proposals for consideration at least two weeks before the meeting (i.e. not later than Saturday 12th November 2022).

The following positions are up for election
Executive Director
Finance Director
International Director
International Director (Junior)
Home Director (unfilled from last AGM)
Scottish Championship Director (unfilled from last AGM)

We also require members and clubs to serve on council.  

Online voting form will go on line from Saturday 19th November until the end of the meeting on Saturday 26th November for anyone unable to attend, to cast their votes.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
As there is a contested election for the post of International Director, perhaps both candidates (Andy Muir and Alan Tate) might like to write a short note on this Forum in support of their candidacy.  There will be an opportunity for them to speak at the AGM but some members may not be able to attend and so will cast their vote beforehand. In these circumstances some information from the candidates would be helpful.
The results of the Chess Scotland AGM elections on Saturday were very interesting and puzzle me.

During the meeting, time and time again, the subject of funding was brought up as the major handicap to progress. However the two candidates who had the best ideas lost.

For the role of President there were two candidates - Ian Brownlee and Alex McFarlane. Ian said he was in contact with several possible sponsors. Alex said he wanted to tackle the shortage of volunteers by tapping the bank of silver surfers. After several questions by members, Alex won the vote handsomely.

For the role of International Director there were also two candidates - myself and Alan Tate. I offered to submit a petition to parliament to restore the block grant. Alan gave no speech and there were no questions from members. Alan won the vote handsomely.
Alex sent me an email to explain things. I congratulate Alex and Alan on their election victories and hope funding will be successful in 2023.
I am playing in Hastings so need to focus on that now.

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