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Scottish Chess Championships - Edinburgh
At the AGM we were told spectators are not being allowed as no room.
Why were spectators allowed at bicentenary then ?
You were told at the AGM why
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Andy M
there is a severe shortage of space. I am sorry but I have already tried to explain to you and several others why we cannot allow visitors. It is not a decision not taken lightly. There will be 16 players, plus arbiters and ancillary staff and we have to satisfy FIDE requirements.
Geoff Chandler is taking some nice photos.
where is Geoff taking the photos Andy and when
Ian , Geoff didn't tell me when or where he is taking the photos but he has strong connections with the club . He agrees that there is not much space for spectators so I shall not be turning up at the venue. I don't know how you will police the entrance , the toilets and analysis room to make sure the tournament runs smoothly though.
At the virtual AGM Alan Borwell said that it is a shame old friends and colleagues don't meet up any more. I agree.
There are no Glasgow League games. I intend turning up on one of the days, not at the tournament, but just to say hello to some people, maybe in the evening at a bar or restaurant nearby.
Hi Andy
I do sympathise with you and if you can bear with us all for a little bit we will all get over the board chess up and running very shortly. We had to make hard decisions this year for the Scottish , with limited funds coming in and venues unable to accommodate us with the current economic and pandemic environment. The pandemic has been the biggest challenge and it got down to either holding it in a controlled environment such as Edinburgh Chess Club or not at all. It also makes sense to recognise Edinburgh's 200 years. In fact if it wasn't for the team, we probably wouldnt be able to stage it at all.
Clubs have been meeting and there have been one or two leagues who scrapped a league competition this season. I'm sure Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dunbartonshire at least will be up and running from September. Will there be changes, probably, but thats the challenge
The train strike might now mean Glasgow players need lifts to and from matches.
Geoff Chandler takes great photos. He has promised to be brief and to do it at the start of the round.
A 5-minute slot at the start of games is normal in international tournaments.
train strike not on , will be going for social meet up one evening in Edinburgh for those that want to go.
I thought quick draws weren't allowed. Any spectators who have sneaked past the arbiters are getting short changed.

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