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Dundee Congress
I am pleased to tell you that Dundee Congress will run this year, 14 - 16 October at The Chaplaincy Centre, University of Dundee (same as 2018 & 2019). The prize fund and entry fees will be the same as 2019. To follow progress as we update our website go to Dundee Congress website (please note - this is slightly different to previously, there is now no hyphen). Entry forms, both online and paper-based) will be available soon.
Hi Keith
let me know if I can help in any way we need to have a catch up at some point as well
We are now able to take entries. Go to the website - Dundee Congress website and either use the online form (pay by BACS or on arrival) or download/print/post a paper form.

Just a few notes from the website - not news, but space/layout constraints mean only 34 entries can be taken for the Premier, any applications over that number will have to be declined. It did happen once before. The Major and Minor share the main playing area and can take a combined 116 - perhaps optimistic given ongoing wariness but we did get a total entry of 140 last time.

News - round 2 will be started by the local Councillor making the first move. Round 2 for publicity showing the full entry, and probably a high board in the Major to get the background. The move can be taken back. Prizes on Sunday will be presented by Dundee Lord Provost.

Online entry
List of entrants

There will be no free on-campus parking this time but parking is possible subject to these conditions:
No on-campus parking is permitted on Friday, however there are several public car parks and on-street parking just outside and around the campus, all free after 6pm;
On Saturday and Sunday parking costs £5.00 per vehicle per day;
Payment can only be made using the RingGo app using the code 62650.

Further parking and directions to each car park can be found at Campus parking map
With about a week to go before closing entries the situation is:

Premier - 24 entries with a max of 36;
Major - 52 entries;
Minor - 22 entries.

The difference between Major & Minor is a bit odd, it is a wider difference than normal and there is a noticeable shortage of junior entries in the Minor. Anyway, this is what we have.

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